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After 2 years of COVID, our teams are now facing the 5th wave at a time when they are tired and dealing with unprecedented demand and province-wide staffing shortages. As hospital workers continue to face new challenges, your messages of support and gratitude are needed now more than ever.

Send hope, gratitude, care and support to the frontline workers and hospital staff of all four QHC hospitals, who selflessly work around the clock to provide care for our community, despite the risks due to the pandemic.


Share your letters, cards, pictures, emails, and videos (YouTube or Vimeo) with us at
and we’ll add them to this page on a regular basis.
Your messages will provide hope, encouragement and positivity for the day.


You may also send cards, notes and pictures by mail to:
Quinte Health Care
265 Dundas Street East
Belleville, Ontario, K8N 5A9
Attention: Communications Department


If you wish to recognize an individual staff member (or group),
show your appreciation with a donation to one of the hospital Foundations:

Belleville General Hospital Foundation - Hospital Heroes
Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation - Shining Stars of Care
Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation - Care Champions
North Hastings Hospital Fund Development Committee


A heartfelt thank you, for taking exceptional care of my mother on three separate occasions and two hospital admissions. She said everyone was fabulous.

- Lisa Langille
Thanks for everything your teams have done, and continue to do. I don’t think we can really comprehend what it is like ‘on the ground’ and for such a prolonged period of time…

- Vicki McCulloch
I want to say thank you to every nurse, doctor, psw, screener, cleaner, maintenance worker, security guard, office clerks/receptionist... and anyone else I may have forgot to directly mention. Appreciate ALL of your work and dedication.

- Carissa Mullett
I'd like to extend my thanks and appreciation to every staff member at QHC's hospitals. Since the pandemic began, any time I needed to visit I was met with kindness and compassion. I've seen how hard they work and how much they care. Thank you for everything you do!

- Kimberly Weedman
Thank you for your care and kindness. My family feels so fortunate to have access to so many hospitals. Keep safe and well all. We appreciate you!

- Karen Harder
Oncology team are the best.. you guys work so hard.. thank you for taking care of me.

- Kelly Drake
Thank you all! Hope some day you will have a chance to rest.

- Wendy Gray
Thank you thank you thank you!! Your are the real MVPs!!!!!!

- Jen Woodcock

The Brown/Gaskin family want you to know that we appreciate all of the care our family has received in the past two years - even up to this past Boxing Day!

The dedication of doctors, nurses and others at both Picton and Belleville hospitals who have taken care of our nearly 100 year old mother is so impressive.

A great big thank you to the health profession in the area. Your work is exemplary and we feel fortunate to live in the Quinte region.

A huge thank you to all.

- Lisa Reddick
My mother-in-law was taken to ED yesterday morning and admitted to the 6th floor. We live up north, a fair distance from Belleville. The communication and professionalism demonstrated by all we have spoken to: switchboard operators, nurses, physicians has been top notch. We are so, so appreciative and feel our loved one is great hands. Thank you, thank you! We appreciate you.

- Lorie Eastick
The folks at QHC/BGH did an awful lot for me 1995-2015. I was down there on Thursdays, then Tuesdays, and then Tuesdays and Thursdays to 2015... I will never forget them for the rest of my life. I can't forget them, on my wall at Hastings Manor.

- Thomas Van Dusen
I want to say thank you to every nurse, doctor, PSW, screener, cleaner, maintenance worker, security guard, office clerks/receptionist, and anyone else I may have forgot to directly mention. Appreciate ALL of your work & dedication.

- Carissa
I stand with all our health care heroes. Your dedication and strength is outstanding, and I thank you all for your continued care.

- Judy Penson
True heroes of our time. You have my deepest respect and hopes you all stay very safe.

- Brenda Potts
Thank you for being there for everyone who needs you.

- Bev Myers
We just want to extend our heartfelt thanks for the tireless and skilled work you all do. We can't imagine what your days and nights must be like. Hopefully knowing how grateful we and others are will help you continue the work you do. We also hope you can find time for self care and self compassion.

- Heather and Murray Kinnear
Sincere thanks to every single member of the QHC team, in every single role, within this amazing organization. Your tireless efforts, individually and collectively, exemplify a passion for caring, always striving to do the right thing, and supporting each other in the most difficult of circumstances. Thank you for all you have given. We are so grateful.

- Janet Dalicandro
Kindest and most heartfelt gratitude to all of you at all QHC sites. Your conscientious and dedicated efforts, at great risk to yourselves and to your household families, are appreciated more than you can know.

- Frank Hiebert
Over the course of the past two years, I have been continually impressed by the dedication, resilience and fortitude of the physicians, nurses and all other staff members who work in QHC’s four hospitals. You have continued to offer the best patient experience possible to patients and you have demonstrated compassion and empathy towards family members and caregivers. At some point in time, the pandemic will become a distant memory but your commitment to serving those who walk through our hospitals’ doors will never be forgotten. Thank you!

- Patrick Johnston

Tribute to our First Responders. Performed by Bill Brown. Lyrics by Kim and Bill Brown. Adapted from Murray McLaughlin’s Farmer’s Song
During this time of uncertainty and stress, we wanted to express our admiration and thanks to all health care workers at QHC. You have chosen a field where courage, compassion and commitment are key. Thanks also for finding the personal resources to care for your patients, your team, your families and yourselves during this marathon. You are Gold Medal Winners to us.

- Peggy & Duncan Payne
On behalf of my wife, Sandra Wright, I wish to commend several staff members on Quinte 4 for the kindness and compassion shown to my wife Sandra and me. Specifically: RPN Tiffany, Unit Clerk Arin and Unit Manager Caitlin Gagnon each in their own ways provided support to us that helped us greatly during a very difficult time. That they did this during crisis times at BGH due to COVID is testimony to their dedication to their roles.

Yours truly, Stuart Wright
Sending sincere thanks to all of the healthcare professionals who continue to show up each and every day to care for others. We know you are tired, but we are very appreciative of your gift of giving of yourselves. We hold you in our prayers and wish for an end to this soon, so you can get the much deserved rest you need.

- Aileen Edwards
The resilience and commitment of the QHC team has been extraordinary to witness. Your commitment to patients and their families and to supporting each other shows the best of humanity. Thank you for everything you do every day for us.

– Nancy Evans
Dear health care workers I hope you stay healthy and don't get covid if you have covid I hope you get better soon I pray you all have a wonderful year I pray you guys stay safe thank you for helping us each second each day you guys help us a lot I know if you try hard you can do a lot but not all but we all love you and hope you have a good day.

- Gr 4 student - St. Joseph Catholic School
Dear doctors thank you for saving lives I hope you are having a nice day and thank you for helping kids in need and thank you for helping others who break their leg or break there arm.

- Gr 4 student - St. Joseph Catholic School
A heartfelt thank you to all the staff at QHC locations, from Bancroft to Picton, Trenton and Belleville. It is the dedication of all the staff, from admitting to nuclear medicine techs, nurses and doctors, that touch each one of us on a daily basis. Knowing that you are there in the midst of this pandemic you exemplify the knowledge character of our Health Care Professionals in our community. It allows us a sense of calm knowing you are there to help all those in their hour of need.

Thank you.

- Ross I. Rae
I want to send my thoughts and prayers to the staff and people that need positive feedback during this covid. Being positive really does help in this time of need. God bless everyone.

- From Mary
The start to 2022 was certainly not the new year we all had hoped for. Despite the gloomy start, my interactions with QHC staff while my Mom was investigated for an autoimmune disease was positive, friendly and professional. She felt listened to and empathized with. I cannot thank staff enough for continuing to give their all during this pandemic. They are the best. Thank you.
It goes without saying that we are all extremely grateful for our front line workers always and especially during this particularly difficult period but I would like to especially mention the "back office" staff of our front line - you are truly the unsung heroes of the hour!

- Andrew Fleming
Thank you to the Physicians and Staff of all 4 QHC Hospitals. In particular to the North Hastings site, you have shown leadership, care, and dedication to your community. I recognize you all work to the best of your ability at all times, however, during COVID-19 it needs to be recognized that you have gone above and beyond the normal. We acknowledge how difficult these times are for you and that with the situation changing daily you are all exhausted. We hope that soon the crisis is over and you are able to take some time to recover. Thank you for all that you continue to do and the risks you take to make sure our community is ok.

Dr. Brian and Kim Bishop
Lloyd and Muriel Churchill
To the HEROES at QHC:
Whether you work on the front lines delivering care or behind the scenes to help it all happen, sincerest thanks for continuing to care for patients, their families, yourselves and each other in these challenging times. Eventually, our memories of pandemic living will fade but we’ll never forget the dedication, compassion, endurance and skill you showed in caring for and helping us. Thank you.

- Lisa O’Toole
I am all about the gratitude these days, so I wanted to share that I had a very “pleasant” experience having gall bladder surgery yesterday. All staff that I encountered were kind, professional, happy… everyone. Reception, pre-op, post-op, operating room, anesthesiologist and surgeon. I was treated with kindness and even humour. I know all these very hardworking professionals are fighting the Covid fight for all of us, every day… and still they show up. I am sure everyone can tell their own story… this is mine and I am happy to share my appreciation and gratitude.

Great job to the team at Belleville General Hospital.

-Elaine Bukalo



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