Patients & Visitors

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Trenton Memorial Hospital

242 King Street Trenton, ON - click for directions
Phone:  (613) 392-2540

Trenton Memorial Hospital

Parking Lots

Parking is available at the Main Entrance of Trenton Memorial Hospital (enter from King St). Another parking lot is located across from the Emergency Department (enter from Catherine St).

Parking Rates and Payment

When visitors enter the gated lot, they will receive a ticket. Please keep this ticket safe. A paid/validated parking ticket is required to exit the gated lot. If using a credit card, you may pay directly at the gate when leaving, by first inserting your parking ticket, then inserting your credit card.

To pay before going back to your car, make sure to bring the ticket with you. Pay stations are located in the Main Entrance and Emergency Department Entrance. The pay stations accept cash and credit cards. They do not accept debit cards or bills greater than $20.

If a visitor pays for a “Day Pass” at the pay station, they will get their ticket back immediately when they insert it at the gate as they leave, allowing the ticket to be used again the same day.

Parking Rates:
Hourly: $4
Daily (one time exit): $15
Day Pass (with in and out privileges): $12

*15 minutes or less is free (use the same ticket to exit that you received when you entered the parking lot).  If unsure how much time has passed, check by inserting your ticket at the pay station. If it has been less than 15 minutes, select “cancel” and use the ticket to exit the parking lot free of charge.

Discounted HPasses for frequent visitors

Discounted Five-day, Ten-day and 30-day HPasses are available for purchase at the Patient Registration desk, near the Emergency Department. Please click here for more information about HPasses.

Parking Contact Information

Jane Anne Byrne is the Parking Coordinator and can be reached at 613-969-7400 ext. 2679 or, if required.

Parking revenues help hospitals provide the programs and services that our communities need.


For hospital entrance information, please see the Visiting page.