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Trenton Memorial Hospital

242 King Street Trenton, ON - click for directions
Phone:  (613) 392-2540

Trenton Memorial Hospital


Parking lot locations:
Parking is available at the main entrance of Trenton Memorial Hospital (TMH), on the west side (gate is located off of King St.). Another parking lot on the east side of the hospital (on Catherine Street) is for the use of Emergency Department patients and their families.

For entrance information, please see the Visiting page.

Parking Pass info and longer term HPASS Permits

Please note: 15 minutes or less is free (use the same ticket to exit that you received when you entered the parking lot). When you insert your ticket at the kiosk inside the hospital, it will show you how much time has passed since you received your ticket. If it is less than 15 minutes, select "cancel" and use the ticket to exit the parking lot.

  • If a visitor selects the "day pass" button and pays their $12, when they put their ticket in the slot at the gate, they will get their ticket back immediately so that it can be used again the same day.
  • The 5-, 10- and 30-day passes are available for purchase at patient registration located by the emergency department area. The passes do not have to be used for consecutive days and are based on unlimited in and out privileges. The passes are valid for a full year from the time of purchase.
  • If you have purchased a multi-use pass and would like to check how many uses you have left, visit this website -- and enter your parking pass card number.
  • Note: The parking pay station that is located at the main entrance will accept $20 bills, coins and credit cards only (no debit). Machines will not accept $50 or $100 bills.

The visitor lots at Trenton Memorial Hospital are equipped with a gated entrance. When visitors enter the gated lot, they will receive a ticket and will bring the ticket with them into the hospital and pay before returning to their vehicle.

A paid/validated parking ticket is required in order to exit the gated lot. Pay-as-you-go machines are available in the Emergency and main entrance of Trenton Memorial Hospital and accept cash and credit cards.