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Total hip replacement at Belleville General Hospital

hip xray

What is a hip replacement?

Total Hip replacement is surgery done to replace the hip joint with an artificial one. The hip joint is made up of the hip socket (acetabulum – a cup shaped bone in the pelvis) and the ball (head of the thigh bone). Disease and/or damage to the joint can cause hip pain, stiffness and difficulty moving. Your surgery is done to reduce pain and make walking easier.

Your information booklet on total hip replacement surgery at Quinte Health - Total Hip Replacement

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Hip replacement post-surgery exercises

Some general information about your physical therapy exercises to recover from your hip joint replacement surgery. You will need to practice your exercises twice a day to start moving the new joint and strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint soon after the surgery.

There are three hip precautions you must follow after surgery

After hip surgery the muscles and tissue around the hip joint are weaker and the hip can be dislocated easily.

There are three hip precautions that must be adhered to to minimize the risk of dislocating the hip until the muscles and ligaments have had time to heal: 1. do not bend forward past 90 degrees 2. Do not cross legs or ankles 3. Do not twist at the hip.

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