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Surgery at Trenton Memorial Hospital

​​​​​The pandemic has not yet been declared over, and Quinte Health continues to maintain key infection control precautions in order to maintain the safety of our patients and staff.  We have a duty to provide acute and emergent care for vulnerable patients in our community.  This means we must continue to practice extreme caution against respiratory and infectious diseases within our hospital and be ready to respond to new risks as we navigate our way through the pandemic.

Please click here for a patient guide for day surgery.

Surgery specific information

We understand that coming to a hospital for surgery can be a stressful experience for patients. The information booklets provided below are intended to help you know what to expect and plan for your stay. Simply click on the surgery you are having to open the booklet. Please contact your surgeon if you have any questions.

ACL Reconstruction Circumcision LEEP Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP)
Biopsy Vagina Cervix Vulva Ganglion Removal Transurethral Resection Bladder Vasectomy
Cataract Genital Wart Electrocautery Rotator Cuff Repair  
Carpal Tunnel Repair Knee Arthroscopy Trigger Finger Thumb Release