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Spiritual Health Services

Spiritual Health Care is care of individuals, focusing on personal beliefs, core values, significant relationships, meanings, and behaviours around which we understand our lived experience. Spirituality refers to that part in each of us which seeks to find meaning and purpose in our lives. Spiritual expression can take many forms: interpersonal relationships, ties to community, artistic creation, religious beliefs and practice, connection to nature, and more.

At Quinte Health, we recognize that health care involves the whole person - mind, body and spirit. In times of illness, trauma and loss, people often require more than physical care to help them manage and adjust. Many find their spirituality helps them maintain health and provides support in the midst of life transitions.

Spiritual Care Providers, often identified as Chaplains, are part of the health care team providing care to patients and families at Quinte Health, as well as to staff.

Spiritual Health Services Include:

  • Visitation by referral or request
  • An opportunity to explore the spiritual significance and meaning of illness, suffering and life transitions
  • An opportunity to express feelings and concerns
  • Encouragement and solace
  • Support for end of life issues
  • Grief and loss care
  • Opportunities for prayer, meditation, reflection and rituals
  • Assisting patients in making contact with their own faith background

Some people ask (click here to link to more information)

Spiritual Care is available 24 hours a day at each Quinte Health hospital. To reach a spiritual care provider, please ask a member of the care team to contact Switchboard (dial 0).

Smudging Practices 

Quinte Health recognizes traditional use of sacred medicine plants in a prayer offering, smudge, or pipe ceremonies as being integral to a spiritual and cultural way of life. Quinte Health will facilitate these requests from patients and family with regard for safety. All Quinte Health hospitals will have at least one designated safe area where smudging/burnings can be performed.

Please see the Smudging Process policy (PDF) for more information.