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Some People Ask

"What if I am not a religious person?"
You do not need to be religious to benefit from spiritual care. Spirituality is about finding meaning, value, and connection, especially during times of difficulty.

"Will you try to convert me?"
No. Spiritual care practitioners respect your spiritual and religious beliefs. We are not here to change them.

"Is the spiritual care person a volunteer from a church?"
No. Spiritual care practitioners are employed or endorsed by Quinte Health. We are professionally trained to work with people in the hospital. Church spiritual care volunteers visit only members of their faith community.

"Is spiritual care only for someone who is dying?"
No. Spiritual care at Quinte Health is for everyone seeking personal growth or coping with change, illness or loss.

"Is spiritual care available for employees of the hospital?"
Yes. Spiritual care is available for all patients, families and staff.