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Welcome to Quinte Health's 2022 Skills Fair!

Hands On Skills!

Mock Codes

Chest Tubes

Infusion Pumps


Bed Functionality

and more!




Perinatal Loss and Bereavement

Code Stroke



Spiritual Care

Quinte Health Strategy

and more!




And Fun!

Skills Fair Dates

Belleville (Education Centre): September 22, 23, 26, 27 (0730-1130 and 1230-1530)

North Hastings: October 3 (1000-1400)

Trenton: October 5 (0730-1130 and 1230-1530)

Picton: October 6 (0900-1130 and 1230-1500)

Come for an hour or come for the day!

When you arrive you will be provided with a "passport" to guide you through the stations, a swag bag (who doesn't love swag??) and a link to our evaluation survey.

In addition to the possibility of prizes/treats at individual stations there will be a number of draws completed:

Everyone who completes an evaluation and provides their name will be entered into a draw for that day.

Everyone who attends and submits their "passport" will be entered into a draw for that day.

Overview of Stations:

Transport Ventilators/CPAP/BiPAP (only at Trenton, Picton and North Hastings): 


Cardiac Rhythms:

Mock Codes: Focus will be on code blue activation and the first 10 minutes of a code blue.  Review will include medications, CPR, airway management, responder role review and the H's and T's.

Specimen Collection: "POC Did You Know" - quick tips and reminders when working with POC devices.

Chest Tubes: an opportunity to review required assessments, types of chest tubes you might see, troubleshooting tips, how to set up for an insertion and how to complete a dressing change safely.

Centrella Air Bed (only September 22, 23 and October 3): A refresh (or new information) on the functionality of our newest HillRom beds (the Centrella 355 which is an air surface).  The remote monitoring capability of this bed will also be reviewed however is not currently available on all 355 beds.

BPSO: highlight the many improvements Quinte Health has implemented to support evidence-based practice across our four hospitals. Drop by for a refresher or to learn about the different best practice guidelines (BPGs) that we are implementing at Quinte Health.  Learn about scope of practice enhancements and how staff are using collaborative practice in an improved team model in the emergency rooms.   

Perinatal Loss and Bereavement: Helping ALL STAFF to understand the best ways to support a family experiencing pregnancy or infant loss. Finding the right words can be hard, it is important to remember we can't fix what is happening but we can listen with compassion and offer comfort.

Emergency Preparedness: Come and get a refresher on evacuation lifts/carry's and get some practice with the Med Sled's!  In addition, there will be information about our newest code - Code Silver.

Occupational Safety: Come review safe patient handling techniques and discuss incident reporting at QHC.  This will also be a "first come first serve" opportunity for a N95 mask fit test if you are due or coming due.

Code Stroke: Time is Brain!  For every minute a stroke is left untreated, an estimated 1.9 million neurons are destroyed.  The role of QHC's Code Stroke Team is first and foremost to race the clock.  Come and hear about how you can ACT FAST to help save lives.

Accreditation: Do you like to have fun?  Do you like to play games? Come ROCK YOUR SKILLS at our ACCREDITATION BOOTH where you can play JEOPARDY with the opportunity to win prizes and swag just for participating.  Accreditation is coming in 2023!  Our station is for all those involved with Quinte Health regardless of where you work.  Out booth will include workstations where you can complete the Patient Safety Culture and Worklife Pulse surveys which provides Quinte Health with feedback on what we do well and where we can improve.  Look for us in our QHC Accreditation T-shirts!

TGLN (only September 27, October 3 and 5):

Infection Control: come and discuss CPO, VRE and hand hygiene!

Wound Care: Who doesn't love a little bit of fun competition - especially among peers?  Come and test your knowledge of dressings, pressure injury prevention, and wound management.  There might even be some prizes to be won!

Virtual Care: Discover programs we are participating in within our community and what technology we use to help treat these patients.  Here is an opportunity to get your hands on some virtual technology (OTN, Zoom, Aetonix)!

Lumeo - Better Insights. Brighter Outcomes.: Imagine less waste, reduced wait times, lower costs, and safe, quality, highly coordinated care.  Lumeo lights the way to better insight which will lead to brighter outcomes. Let's get familiar with the Lumeo website and hear about upcoming development workshops!  Also, bring any questions or thoughts you have about our new health information system for discussion/consideration by the regional team.

Pharmacy: coming to you: Anywhere Omnicell!  Learn about its purpose, how it saves time and how to access the program from mobile work stations. Review of the purpose and process for transport totes.  Learn about the legislation and requirements when working with controlled substances.

Sepsis: A fun look at the care of the septic patient including assessment findings, review of diagnostics and treatment options.

Spiritual Care: Discuss spirituality and spiritual health care, raise awareness about Quinte Health's Spiritual Health Care services.

Strategy (scheduled sessions each day except October 3): Come and speak to a member of SLT about Quinte Health's new strategy!  Scheduled sessions as follows:

  • September 22 - 0830-0930 and 1430-1530
  • September 23 - 0830-0930 and 1430-1530
  • September 26 - 0830-0930 and 1430 1530
  • September 27 - 0830-0930
  • October 5 - 0830-0930 and 1400-1500
  • October 6 - 0830-0930 and 1400-1500

Diabetes:  Come and learn about what is new in diabetes care with a particular focus on management of hypoglycemia.