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Share Your Quinte Health Story

Our patients have great stories to share about the care we provide at our hospitals. Sharing your story is a great way to say thanks to the health care team. Our staff and physicians enjoy hearing positive stories as well as ways we can continue to improve the experience for our patients and families. If you'd like to share your Quinte Health story, click here.

Big thanks to Quinte Health staff

"I just wanted to express how wonderful the staff were to my Uncle when he was admitted last week. He was not an easy patient and was in a very terrible state and the staff (Michelle, Brittany, Jacquie, Chantal, Sara, Chris, and the others whose name escapes me) were fantastic in working with my family. They allowed us to be readily involved in his ongoing care and were extremely compassionate and patient with me in ensuring all my concerns were answered. Dr. Yee was absolutely wonderful in keeping me well informed on the next steps, and Mary and Kelly went above and beyond to help ease my concerns.

I need to point out that three nurses specifically, Michelle and Jacquie (BGH) and Sara (TMH), were complete angels to my uncle and myself. They were so supportive and understanding, but their encouragement, truly helped me through this difficult time. It is apparent that they truly enjoy their profession. Quinte Health is certainly lucky to have them. I can't thank you enough for all your support and efforts in helping my 'non-clinical brain' understand the circumstances that were occurring. You have a great team and should be very proud of the care they provide."

Thank you for the wonderful care at North Hastings Hospital

"Thanks to Dr. Smith, Janice and all the staff who helped me during my visit to North Hastings Hospital due to low hemoglobin. I want to thank you all so very much for the wonderful care I received and for saving my life. I felt so comfortable with you all during a very scary time."

Great care by maternity team

"Before my husband and I even conceived, we knew we wanted to deliver our baby at BGH. We were not disappointed. All of the nurses, cleaning staff, support staff, security guards and doctors were nothing short of amazing. They were all very supportive, caring, patient, knowledgeable and "happy to be there!" It was a very warm atmosphere and we felt welcomed and important the moment we arrived. Our baby girl arrived, happy and healthy, 2 hours after arriving at the hospital. As a first time mom and dad, we were very lucky to have some wonderful care staff to walk us through the process. We were calm and informed because of their guidance. The after care I received was exceptional. Even being in such discomfort after delivery, the nurses did everything they could to make sure I had what I needed to be as comfortable as possible. They frequently checked in on us and made sure we had everything we needed. I just want to say thank you. It made the start of our family experience a positive one and we couldn't have done it without everyone involved! We have told all of our pregnant friends to consider BGH and I know several of them have already registered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Day surgery at TMH

"I recently had day surgery at Trenton Memorial Hospital. To put this story in perspective, my career has exposed me to hundreds of hospitals from Australia to Europe and North America. In short I am no stranger to hospital culture and its vagaries. The entire experience was a pleasure. The culture is clearly an efficient and effective mix of professionalism, respect for the patient and collegiality of staff. A staff member in the pre op room used humour and respect to reduce the anxiety level of a young boy; yet she undertook her work with an obvious high level of skill born from years of experience at the same time without missing a beat. The OR team was excellent, again using that combination of professionalism and respect. The anaesthetist for example engaged me in a discussion of topical news rather than the more usual but weary "count back from a hundred." This conversation which effectively eliminated any anxiety was cut short by the anaesthetic taking effect. My thanks to the team for a good job that while i didn't witness it, I can attest for the results. The recovery and post op staff were that same mix of professionalism and respect, again tinged with humour as appropriate to help the patient back to being ambulatory in record time. In an environment of declining resources for health care and unflattering media reports for many of the Ontario hospitals it was a good to be able to write this story."

Compliments to Maternity and Pediatrics Unit

"Having spent over a month on the seventh floor at Belleville General Hospital I had a chance to see new admissions and releases. At these times, the staff displayed a high degree of understanding in human behaviour and excelled in making a favourable impression, being well accepted by the new arrivals, during the most difficult of circumstances. Protocols and procedures are created from fear; but Napoleon once wrote that there a two things that move men "Fear and interest" and thank goodness for the staff who took an interest in each individual they encountered; Every staff member, including janitorial staff and volunteers, served to promote harmony on the floor and credibility to their associates."

Great nurse on Quinte 6 at BGH

"During my stay, I found all the nurses to be good. However, one nurse was GREAT. No request was too much. I had the chills - she brought me a heated blanket. I wanted to go for a walk but was somewhat exposed in the "one size fits none" hospital gown - she brought me some hospital pyjamas to provide a bit more privacy. I felt quesy - she found me some ginger ale with ice. She went out of her way to help me in at least a half a dozen other situations - suffice to say that she genuinely seemed to care about my well-being."

Compliment from patient with breast cancer

"The speed and service which I was given by all levels of staff was truly appreciated as it was a very anxious time for me and my family. I have nothing but good things to say about the health care given to me and with all the budgetary restrictions you are encountering you are still coming through for the people of this community and surrounding area."