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Incredible care during a devastating time
Incredible care during a devastating time
“I came into the Belleville General Hospital Emergency Department on Tuesday evening and Thursday morning. Thursday I was there for 12 hours in pain and feeling so many emotions. I wasn’t the happiest patient and I wanted to reach out and thank Dr. Robert Devins, nurse Leanna and the charge nurse Ann. The care they all brought me was incredible in such a devastating time in my life. Ann immediately helped me with my nerves by explaining the situation and giving me plenty of options. She went above and beyond to keep me comfortable mentally and physically and I couldn’t have done it
Stroke Prevention Clinic a key piece to Quinte Health’s Stroke Program
Stroke prevention is a critical component of the stroke care system – the more people know about their risk factors and how to reduce them, the less likely they are to have a stroke. Quinte Health’s Stroke Prevention Clinic (SPC) opened in 2004 and is one of four SPCs through the Ontario Stroke System in Southeastern Ontario. This outpatient clinic is located at Belleville General Hospital (Sills 2). The Stroke Prevention Clinic is run by an interprofessional team of nurses, clerks and physicians, and functions under the clinical leadership of Dr. Leandra Grieve-Eglin, Quinte
PECMH team recognized for commitment during Christmas storm
A major winter storm swept across the region Christmas weekend, bringing heavy snow, rain and high winds. Across all four Quinte Health hospitals, our staff and physicians supported our patients, and one another, with tremendous dedication.  Prince Edward County was hit particularly hard by the storm, with the OPP shutting down the roads across Prince Edward County. As you can imagine, this made getting to and from work extremely challenging for team members at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital. Through this experience, the team displayed an incredible level of commitment to their
Kind, Competent and Professional in Oncology
“As a new patient, I cannot say enough about the nursing staff in the oncology clinic. They are kind, competent, professional, caring and do whatever is necessary to make an unfortunate situation as positive as possible for their patients. They do an extremely difficult job with compassion and humour, and always with a smile on their faces. Thanks so much for the vital work you all do!” – a grateful patient Members of the Quinte Health Oncology team! #Compassion #ValueEveryone
A Diagnostic Imaging success story
Quinte Health’s Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Department has come a long way since May! Pandemic shutdowns and staffing shortages led to severe backlogs and disruption to some DI services. There was a feeling of despair among the team – staff members were stressed; spirits were low… something needed to change. Fast forward to today and you find a rejuvenated team, better processes, improved access to imaging, and a drastically reduced backlog. What led to this turnaround? Lots of hard work, collaboration, communication and an openness to new solutions. A few highlights: Quinte
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