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How Quinte Health Turned a Challenge into an Opportunity with New Model of Care
How Quinte Health Turned a Challenge into an Opportunity with New Model of Care
Being a physician is tough work. Not only do you need to know extensive levels of medical information, but you also need to be compassionate and hard-working, and bring your A-game every day. Quinte Health has terrific physicians—but as we approached the end of 2022, things were looking bleak. We had physician shortages in both Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, with additional shortages on the horizon. Physicians had extremely high patient loads—averaging about 37 patients per physician (research indicates that any more than 25 can lead to less-than-ideal quality of care).
Positivity in the BGH Emergency Department
Dr. Mike Vaculik
“Wow. That's all I can say about my experience in the BGH emergency department. I realized my condition wasn't at the top of the serious scale, so I was prepared for a long wait. Triage was quick and professional. Shortly after two hours I was into emerg and being looked after by great, caring nursing staff under Dr. Mike Vaculik’s direction. Having to return multiple times afterwards for extended care, by different nurses and physicians, I was certain this level of positivity was sure to wane. Not the case! From the cleaning staff, security folks, a volunteer at the Emergency
Oncology Social Workers Recognized for Living Quinte Health’s Values
Sami Lester and Krystle Humphrey, oncology social workers.
Our hospital teams are comprised of various disciplines working together to support patient care. Social workers play an integral role in several areas at Quinte Health hospitals, including in our oncology program.  Krystle Humphrey and Sami Lester both work part-time in the Dr. Douglas A. MacIntosh Cancer Clinic, together providing five days per week support to cancer patients and their families. The cancer clinic social worker role began in 2018 and their teammates don’t know what they used to do without these two crucial members of the care team. They guide patients through their
Team Quinte Health: We All Make a Difference
Stacey Daub, Quinte Health President and CEO, is "walking a mile" with #TeamQuinteHealth! Stacey loves meeting Quinte Health team members in their environment to understand the experience of our teams and patients and experience it with them. This month, Stacey met with Anita Fife, Hospitality Services Representative at Belleville General Hospital (BGH). Anita is a night person, so naturally, she loves working the evening shift as a Hospitality Services Representative (HSR) at BGH. Every shift, she is ready to tackle any discharge cleaning with her cleaning supply cart, which she
Amazing care in TMH Emergency Department
Dr. Vincent Soh
“I want to send a personal thank you to the ER doctor and staff at Trenton Memorial Hospital working the evening of Saturday, April 15. Dr. Soh and the entire emerg team were beyond amazing, and I am so grateful for their care. Dr. Vincent Soh My mom and I came in as she was complaining of severe side pains in her stomach. We thought it was a UTI or Kidney Stone. Dr. Soh originally thought it may be a UTI as her urine sample was showing signs of it. However, Dr. Soh took my mom’s health concerns seriously as the symptoms were not aligning with a UTI. He could have easily sent my
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