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White Rose Program launching at QHC

Picture this. Your loved has been ill for some time and is now in one of our hospitals taking their last breaths. You’re there holding their hand, saying your last words, and you can hear some staff loudly talking during shift change at the nursing station. Or perhaps someone from the dietary department walks in with a meal tray because they weren’t aware of your loved one’s circumstances.

Quinte Health Care’s White Rose Program is designed to acknowledge and give respect to patients who have died or are imminently dying while in our care. A laminated photo of a white rose will be placed on the patient’s door to make all staff aware and to ensure they are providing a calm, tranquil environment for the patient and their family.

“We wanted a way to communicate with staff, physicians and volunteers that there is a patient nearby in their last moments of life,” explained Diane Smith, Emergency Clinician. “We worked with one of our Patient Experience Partners (PEPs) to create this program that will help to influence behaviours and promote respect and courtesy.”

The White Rose Program is being launched at each QHC hospital on December 9th.  When staff see a white rose on a patient’s door, they will know to check in with the Patient Care Lead on the unit to make sure their presence won’t be a disruption before entering the patient’s room. If the white rose is on the room of a nearby patient, they will know to keep voices low.

“This initiative exemplifies QHC’s values of Respect Everyone and Imagine It’s You,” said Diane. “We’re pleased to be doing something that may provide a little bit more comfort during a patient’s last moments.”