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Values in Action - Two DI superstars

At the beginning of each meeting of the Quinte Health Care Board of Directors, the Board takes a moment to recognize members of Team QHC with the “Values in Action” award.  This month’s award was presented to two staff members who go above and beyond.

At a time when QHC’s Diagnostic Imaging department is facing unprecedented demand, extreme staffing challenges, significant backlogs and service adjustments, the entire DI team has been hardworking and resilient.  Today, we recognize two frontline members of the DI team for their outstanding teamwork and leadership. 

Heather Wright, Senior CT Technologist, lives each of QHC’s values in her daily work, particularly “Imagine It’s You.” Heather always has patient well-being top of mind. She revises schedules on an ongoing basis to make sure the team maximizes appointment availability. She also “Takes Ownership” by collaborating with managers and doctors, sharing concerns and suggesting solutions. Heather is also a strong advocate for her own staff, helping however she can to avoid burnout of her teammates. Her position is straight days, but she steps in when needed to take shifts on evenings and weekends and to cover sick time for fellow CT staff.

Cathy Sharland, who stepped in as Interim Director of Diagnostic Imaging, said that Heather has been very supportive during these remarkably challenging times, describing Heather as, “a super star who is deserving of so much recognition”.

Danielle Sangiuliano, Charge Technologist of Radiology, is also worthy of recognition. Danielle stepped in as Interim Manager during a period in time when Diagnostic Imaging was without a manager or director. She continued to do her own role as Charge Tech and was also helping out on the DI floor (essentially juggling 3 roles at once). Danielle is a great mentor and friend to her team and, in Cathy Sharland’s words, is “like motherhood and apple pie.” She goes out of her way to be helpful and kind, having bought flowers with her own money for the DI Booking team and lunch for the techs. She’s a strong advocate for her team and the epitome of resilience.

Jeff Hohenkerk, who is the Vice President overseeing the Diagnostic Imaging department, said “Both Danielle and Heather always deliver more than expected. Danielle did a fantastic job stepping in as Interim Manager during a challenging time, and Heather is the glue that holds the CT team and service together. She shows up and supports her team while keeping patient care front and centre. Tough times don’t last, but tough teams do. I am grateful for their leadership!”

The Board thanks these two invaluable members of the QHC team for their leadership and strength, and recognizes the incredible efforts and resilience of the entire DI team during this challenging time. Thank you to Heather and Danielle for going above and beyond to support our patients and their team. We are honoured to present them with a Values in Action Award.

Danielle Sangiuliano, Charge Radiology Technologist and Heather Wright, Senior CT Technologist.