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The recognition and retirement of a QHC gem

At their September meeting, the QHC Board of Directors recognized Dr. Iris Noland who has been a dedicated physician at Trenton Memorial Hospital (TMH) for 35 years. Additionally, she has been an effective and collaborative member of the medical leadership at QHC in her position as Chief/Medical Director of Primary Care.

Dr. Noland has spent her career learning and growing and striving to advance health care in the Quinte region. She will be retiring from her role at Quinte Health Care on September 30th, however she will be continuing on with her community practice.

Ruthann Hubbs, TMH Patient Services Manager, collaborates with Dr. Noland often and describes her as extremely patient-centred. She says she is very approachable and always willing to make time (no matter how little time she actually has) to talk through a complicated case or troubleshoot a problem.

Dr. Noland’s patients also speak very highly of her. They note her genuine kindness and compassion. They appreciate her taking the time to listen to their concerns and answer any questions they may have.

Heather Campbell, Program Director of Emergency and Primary Care, says Iris is one of the most caring, dedicated and respected physicians she’s ever met. She’s been an incredible leader at Trenton Memorial Hospital and an unwavering advocate for her patients – especially palliative care patients.

Everyone who works with Dr. Noland at QHC will feel the loss of this pillar to our hospitals. She has been an absolute asset to our organization and a reliable health care provider to our patients.

She has exemplified QHC’s values and we wish her well on her retirement from our organization.

QHC Chief of Staff Dr. Colin MacPherson (left) and Board
Chair, Stuart Wright (right) present Dr. Iris Noland with a
certificate and flowers.