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Students thank hospital staff with heartwarming letters

Letters and cards, written by youth from regional schools, were recently sent to QHC by the Children’s Safety Village as part of an initiative for National Letter Writing Day on December 7.

The Children’s Safety Village asked regional schools to participate by encouraging youth to write letters to their local heroes; thanking them, telling them a story, or asking them questions. The response to the request was overwhelming, with over 300 submissions addressed to hospital staff and other essential community members including police, fire, paramedics and veterinarians.

Grades K through 6 students from Bayside Public School, VP Carswell, Sir John A MacDonald, Prince of Wales and Trent River Public School participated in writing the letters, many which include illustrations and some typed out in both english and french.

The Letter Writing Day Initiative helps promote literacy, encourage discussions about community roles and personal information sharing.