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QHC Board recognizes partner with Values in Action award

QHC’s board of directors begins each meeting honouring a staff member, volunteer, physician or QHC team for exceptional work. They call it the ‘Values in Action’ award. This month, with the pandemic reinforcing the essential role collaboration plays in the health care system, the board did things a little differently. They expanded the recognition parameters to honour a partner of Quinte Health Care who goes above and beyond in his support of the hospitals and the patients we serve.

Travis Shawcross is the Chief Executive Officer of Pioneer Health Care – Quinte Health Care’s partner for non-urgent patient transfers.  Last year, QHC was in the situation of needing a new patient transfer partner and we were fortunate enough to partner with Travis and Pioneer Health Care. Travis jumped on board and we quickly pulled together a contract during the busy Holiday season and we’ve been so pleased with Travis and his team ever since.

Heather Campbell, QHC’s Program Director of Emergency and Primary Care, calls Travis a pleasure to work with. She says Travis truly cares about making sure our patients and families are well looked after and is always looking to improve.

He has even implemented the ‘Pioneer Cares’ program, which helps patients under financial strain by transporting them home at no charge.

James Russell, QHC’s Director of Process Improvement, has worked closely with Travis on multiple initiatives, and says this:

“Travis has never felt like a ‘vendor’.  From the moment we met Travis in the Transformation Office in the fall of 2019, we knew he had a different way of doing business with his partners.  He was a true partner in every sense of the word.  His badge may have read “Pioneer”, but in his eyes, it read “QHC”.  He was here for us all, and has stepped up to support our teams in ways we could have never imagined.” 

James goes on to say: “I’ve spent many late night conversations with Travis discussing processes, challenges he is facing and successes he has had, and each time I end the conversation with a smile… confused as to if I just spoke to a vendor, a colleague or a brother.  I know I can always count on Travis and his team to be there for us when we need them….and sometimes to be there when we didn’t even know we needed them.”

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of partnerships.  We’ve seen firsthand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Travis and the Pioneer Health team help make us whole. They are exceptional partners who live our values, support our foundations, and do everything they can to serve our patients with kindness and compassion.

Thank you to Travis and the Pioneer Health Care team.

Travis Shawcross accepts the Values in Action award from Jeff Hohenkerk, QHC Vice President
Travis Shawcross, CEO of Pioneer Health (QHC's non-urgent patient transfer service), accepts
a 'Values in Action' award from QHC Vice President Jeff Hohenkerk, on behalf of QHC's 
board of directors.