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Compassionate and respectful in the ICU

"My father was critically ill in Quinte Health’s ICU. Dr Leong, and the nurses and other staff who were looking after my father, were professional and caring throughout. The staff instinctively knew when to give us space and when to offer comfort so that we were able to spend the last hours of my father's life saying goodbye and dealing with the difficult moment we were experiencing in the best possible way. Dr Leong did us, and my father, the honour of taking us carefully through my father's medical history, showing us how we had got to this point. He was extremely compassionate and respectful to my father throughout and used all possible means to help him. His clear and thoughtful setting out of options for my father's care was much appreciated and made it easier for us to make appropriate decisions. We will be forever grateful." -- a grateful family

Dr. Roger Leong (third from left) with members of the ICU team.