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#4MyTeam - A breath of fresh air

"I am writing on behalf of my hubby James Beeby. I have a feeling we might not be the first people to send a letter of gratitude about Lisa Dow and her respiratory rehab program.

Jim is an advanced COPD/emphysema patient in pretty rough shape. Just when we thought we would never see any improvements in his life, we were referred to Lisa in physio. Jim signed on for a 30-day program and it has made a pretty significant change in his quality of life.

Not only has Lisa helped him build up his stamina and strength to help him fight off the next exacerbation, but has given these patients someone to talk to throughout this pandemic. She is so kind and professional and for that we are so grateful. Jim can lol now, which is something he couldn't do before this class without enduring a horrible coughing session. Little "things" mean so much.

It has literally been a breath of fresh air for both of us to see the results of her program and I hope there will be ongoing funding for this. I can't help but think that many COPD patients may not have had to present to emerg with the education and exercises these patients have learned over these 30 classes."

-James and Rose Beeby

Lisa Dow, Respiratory Rehab Physiotherapist