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Nuclear Medicine Program gets million-dollar boost

News Release - May 25, 2021

Regional Nuclear Medicine Program gets a million-dollar boost from the John M. & Bernice Parrott Foundation

Belleville, ON - The last year has been challenging for our hospitals and our community.  The pandemic and the public health measures have demanded much of citizens, businesses and essential workers, including staff and physicians at Quinte Health Care (QHC).  For the entire QHC team the one bright light throughout the pandemic has been the steadfast support of our community.  With its early COVID support donations, the John M. & Bernice Parrott Foundation has been an exceptional supporter to QHC hospitals and to our physicians and staff who have worked bravely throughout these extraordinary circumstances, to serve our community.

“A few weeks back, at the end of a very challenging week, we received news that the John M. & Bernice Parrott Foundation was making an unprecedented donation of $1 million to support the purchase of our much-needed nuclear medicine cameras,” explained Stacey Daub, President and CEO, Quinte Health Care.  “It was an inspirational reminder of how much local health care means to the communities we serve.”

QHC’s Nuclear Medicine Program, located at Belleville General Hospital, is a vital diagnostic tool for cancer and cardiology care close to home for the residents in our region.  The program serves approximately 5000 patients per year from across the region – residents from Brighton to Napanee, Prince Edward County to Bancroft. The Belleville General Hospital Foundation (BGHF) has campaigned tirelessly in support of the $2.7 million needed for the Nuclear Medicine program, and played a key stewardship role in this generous donation.

“With the incredible support of the Belleville General Hospital Foundation and the Parrott Foundation’s recent donation, we are excited to bring this new leading edge equipment to our community,” Ms. Daub added.

According to President Lyle Vanclief, the Parrott Foundation has a mandate to improve the quality of life in the Quinte area. “The John M. and Bernice Foundation board is pleased to be able to support QHC in their work and efforts to improve health and wellbeing in our community,” Mr. Vanclief added.

This generous donation is in addition to the $290,000 contributed by the John M. & Bernice Parrott Foundation in support of COVID efforts in 2020.  The dollars secured equipment needed in the battle against COVID-19 at QHC, including an ultraviolet disinfection tower, which safely, quickly and efficiently eliminates surface and airborne pathogens, including the coronavirus.  The donation also funded a machine that allows Respiratory Therapists and Physicians to visualize air distribution within the lungs of a patient directly at the bedside to optimize ventilator settings. The donation also supported the purchase of tools essential to care such as telemetry devices and vital signs machines which are essential medical devices that track the status of a patient’s most important body functions such as oxygen levels and blood pressure. 

“It is an honour to recognize the Parrott Foundation for the profoundly positive impact they continue to have within our community through the essential support they extend to many organizations and causes,” stated Nancy Evans, Acting Chair, Quinte Health Care Board of Directors. “Reflecting on the philanthropic legacy of John and Bernice Parrott is both humbling and inspiring.”

The BGHF is in the final leg of the Nuclear Medicine Program campaign, and we need the community’s help getting across the finished line.  Anyone wishing to help support this crucial diagnostic service is encouraged to visit bghf.ca .

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