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Former patient expresses his gratitude musically

Doug Hopkins was in a car accident last year. He spent nearly two months in the Intensive Care Unit in Kingston before coming to Belleville General Hospital’s Sills 3 Rehabilitation Unit.

Struggling to come to terms with his injuries and having a difficult time making his body do things that used to be easy for him, Doug was miserable.

“I was in a dark place last November,” said Doug. “I was feeling lost, angry, alone and confused. I was lying in my bed one day and then something miraculous happened – Yusi walked in.”

Yusi Ruizviera was Doug’s Personal Support Worker (PSW).

“Yusi’s smile lifted me out of the deepest black hole of my life. She knew I was in trouble. She came to my bedside, held my hand and lingered awhile. After that, she returned to my room to visit often. Today we are friends.”

Doug’s story speaks to the strong healing relationships that patients and healthcare workers can develop. Having someone that you can trust and depend on during your time of need is essential and Doug was grateful to have Yusi.

On October 10th, Doug returned to the Sills 3 Rehabilitation Unit to express his gratitude – musically. Doug and his band, ‘The New Crusty Minstrels’, who cover many genres of music including country, blues, folk and rock, put on a performance for Sills 3 patients and staff.

The highlight of the show was a song Doug wrote, called “Yusi”.  The sweet song ended with an embrace between Doug and Yusi and big smiles from the crowd.

“I don’t know what I did other than my job,” said a humble Yusi.

Thank you for doing your job so well and for living QHC’s values, Yusi!

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Doug Hopkins (far left with guitar) and his band played for the patients and staff
​​on Sills 3 Rehabilitation Unit. He sang a special song for one of his healthcare providers


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