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#4MyTeam - North Hastings Hospital

Compliments for North Hastings – “One is never sure what the experience may be when walking into a cottage country hospital. From the moment my wife and I arrived at QHC North Hastings Hospital, we felt that I was taken care of and listened to. From the triage nurse, to a quick registration over the phone and the short wait before being called in to see the doctor, our path of care was quick and seamless.

The caring nurses were empathetic, attentive and happily shared jokes to distract me from the discomfort I was experiencing. I could not have asked for better care that evening. The health care team was knowledgeable and conscientious. I felt that I received ‘patient first’ care at all times.

Bancroft should take comfort in having a modern hospital that is staffed with well-trained medical professionals that are not just doing their jobs but following a vocation. Please support your hospital so this great care continues.”

- Danny Jackson (abridged version of a letter published in The Bancroft Times)

North Hastings Hospital


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