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Outstanding care at Belleville General Hospital

“In the summer, I experienced a debilitating attack of vertigo that resulted in my wife calling 911. I want to sincerely thank the paramedics who arrived within 10 minutes of the call and gave me excellent care as the first responders.

I was quickly brought to Belleville General Hospital Emergency Department and was cared for by nurses Arun and James within a few minutes. Again, within a very short time, Dr. Miron attended to me and revisited a few times during the day and, at the end of my visit, took the time to sit with my wife and me and explain everything. The care given to me by Arun and James and Dr. Miron was outstanding! Their excellent care was complemented by their kind and compassionate manners, and I was feeling well enough to be discharged by the end of the day.

Dr. Miron took the time to ensure with a CT Scan and other tests that I had not had a TIA or a stroke but referred me to Dr. Grant to ensure that both of these causes could be completely ruled out. On Monday, only two days later, I was called by the Stroke Prevention Clinic with an appointment for Wednesday morning with Dr. Grant. Again, I was being looked after by an outstanding doctor who took the time to listen and conduct the tests and procedures necessary to determine that I did not have a stroke or a TIA and suggested follow-up to avoid another attack of vertigo.

I am fully aware that our health care system is in crisis and many staff are disheartened and struggling, but my experience at Belleville General was outstanding: I was well looked after by caring, competent professionals. My sincere thanks to these “angels” who were there for me when I needed them.” – Gerald Watts

Dr. Michele Miron, Emergency Physician, and Dr. Curry Grant,
Stroke Prevention Physician