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Collaboration and caring on Quinte 7

"I really wanted to thank all the nurses and Dr. Vukojevic for the care I received during the induction of my baby. I had never delivered with an OB or nurses and was worried. All the nurses were kind and friendly and asked about my wishes/birth expectations.

The induction experience was so intense and I wanted to thank Breanne for being kind and patient when I wasn't taking it well, as well as all the nurses and resident that came in to deliver the baby when I went from 2cm to pushing in minutes.

It was also nice how the nurse and Dr. Vukojevic worked in collaboration with the midwife there to take care of the baby since I was transferred.

You guys are understaffed and it didn't feel that way with the high quality of care you're giving.

Thank you so much!"


Dr. Duska Vukojevic, Obstetrics and Gynecology