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Shining a light on the Pharmacy team!

Often behind the scenes, the Pharmacy team is an integral part of the network of professionals who support overall patient care at Quinte Health Care.  If you are new to Team QHC or have not interacted with the Pharmacy team in a while, we have included below some of the ways they provide care.

                     Some members of the Pharmacy team

How do pharmacists and pharmacy technicians contribute to patient care?

Pharmacists contribute to patient care by ensuring patients have effective, appropriate and safe care by providing comprehensive drug therapy management. This includes, but is not limited to: medication reconciliation, review of antimicrobials (both at the ward level and by the antimicrobial stewardship pharmacists), review of drug levels, renal dosing, TPN electrolyte management, and responding to patient-specific drug information questions. 

Pharmacy technicians look after the technical aspects of the Pharmacy, ensuring automated dispensing cabinets (Omnicells) are stocked with medications that are readily available for nurses to give to patients. They prepare sterile compounds for patients whether it be chemotherapy, pain management, antibiotic syringes, total parenteral nutrition, and other sterile products. They also prepare non-sterile compounds such as creams, ointments, and oral liquids. Pharmacy technicians also look after drug recalls, shortages and drug information that is needed in the department.

What are some lesser-known activities that the Pharmacy team does to assist in patient care?

The pharmacy technicians complete the best possible medication history (BPMH) for medication reconciliation, making sure that patients are taking medications that they were supposed to at home, and if there are any discrepancies these are communicated to the pharmacists and physicians.

One thing pharmacists do to assist in patient care is adaptation. This includes renal dosing, vancomycin therapeutic drug level monitoring and dosing as well as clarifying medication orders (by changing the dose, dosage form, regimen, or route of administration of an order). Pharmacists work under a broad scope of practice and have policies that allow the team to practice at a level that ensures optimal support and care.

Can staff contact the Pharmacy team with questions?

Pharmacists are available to both nursing and physician staff for any drug information questions they may have (either patient or drug-specific). The Pharmacy team is available to provide clinical services to many areas at QHC and are present on specific nursing floors (ICU, Q4, Q5, and Q6) from Monday to Friday. On evenings/weekends, they can be reached at ext. 2215. 

Quinte Health Care's pharmacists