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Pleasant and competent care in BGH Emergency Dept.

“I am writing to thank you for the exceptional care my son Nolan received recently in Belleville General Hospital’s Emergency Department. He received the excellent care of Dr. Carlee Stoyanovich, Dr. Craig Bolton and RN Spencer and RN James.

I was fearful of the quality of care he might have received considering the current threadbare state of healthcare and the exhaustion of health care professionals however this was not evident this evening. Nolan sustained a serious spinal injury causing fractures to C2 and C3. Dr. Carlee was kind, calm, patient and thorough. She admitted that her dealings with Nolan's rare condition were minimal and spent considerable time consulting with specialists to collaborate the best care. She was considerate and welcoming to have us share in the care process, making us feel valued. RN Spencer was cheerful, efficient and caring to all Nolan's needs and mine as a mother watching her child go through a terrible ordeal. RN James was helpful, kind and excellent as well. Not only were these professionals exceptional for us, but we could not help but overhear their pleasant, competent care being consistently delivered to all in the ER during this busy night shift.

We wish to thank these individuals from the bottom of our hearts and celebrate that they share their God-given talents to those in dire need and difficult circumstances. It is noticed and greatly appreciated.”


Nolan and Lori Robinson

Dr. Carlee Stoyanovich and Dr. Craig Bolton in the BGH Emergency Department.