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QHC staff member donates handcrafted inspirational artwork

The Belleville Emergency Department recently received a wonderful piece of art as a gift from Angela Foster, who works in Patient Registration at BGH. The artwork was created out of a desire of Angela’s to make something that represented the strength of health care workers, and encourage everyone to keep going as a team at all four hospitals of QHC.

The artwork depicts a health care worker as a superhero, protecting and helping patients fight their illness, and providing the care they need. Included in the artwork is an illustration of the COVID virus, as a tribute to the difficult battle the staff, patients and health care workers in our communities have faced during the pandemic. 

Angela used a wood burning tool to create the artwork and enjoys this form of creativity as a hobby and a way to de-stress. The artwork is currently displayed at the main care desk in BGH’s Emergency Department for staff and patients to see. 

Having worked at QHC for over 14 years, Angela recently moved to Patient Registration on the midnight shift, which has her gaining an appreciation for how the hospital “works together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” She’s also appreciated the “wonderful feedback, and the smiles from nurses and healthcare workers when they see the artwork hanging on the wall.”

Thank you Angela for this symbol of resiliency, which provides a beautiful tribute to staff during this unprecedented time.