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Considering a nursing career? Loyalist College now offers a standalone degree program.

We couldn't be more excited with the recent announcement that our partners at Loyalist College are now offering a stand alone degree program (click here to view the press release).  QHC's President and CEO Stacey Daub reflects on the many aspects that make a career in health care well worth considering.  

As the pandemic continues to overstay its welcome with the arrival of the Omicron variant, it’s easy to be consumed by all that is COVID – to connect the need for more health care workers with “fighting the good fight” as we continue to see hospitalizations, and sadly, deaths due to this virus.  It’s easy to forget the many other aspects that a career in health care has to offer – the diversity, the miracles, the challenges, the camaraderie and the triumphs.  

As the President and CEO of four hospitals, some of my greatest moments of pride and inspiration are prompted by notes I receive from those thankful for the care they received at the hands of our nurses and others on our frontline health care teams.  A pandemic in no way stops other things from going wrong.  People still have heart attacks and strokes, they still have babies and people still get injured. 

I received a message from a local woman the other day.  Her Dad had a serious fall and had to be rushed to hospital by ambulance.  Our teams astutely discovered that the injuries from the fall were the least of his issues.  He was diagnosed with blood clots in the heart and lungs and he ended up ‘coding’.   After 30 minutes of resuscitation attempts, our medical team was able to revive him.  Within a short span of time, the family went from thinking they had lost this dear loved one – to experiencing the miracle of modern medicine that happens within our walls by our team of frontline heroes each and every day.   They went from being told there was little chance of a full recovery, to being informed he would soon be home to resume his life.  For that family, Dad and Grandpa will be the greatest gift this season. 

I’m privy to these stories often and each time they remind me that health care is more than a job, it’s a calling.  Who wouldn’t want to join a profession where you get to make that kind of impact and work alongside such amazing people.  I’m remarkably excited for people in Quinte and area considering nursing – that you get to do that close to home.  I’m equally excited for those coming to Loyalist from other areas that get to do what I did this year – fall in love with the lifestyle this area has to offer.

While my career in healthcare has taken a different path, nursing is inherently part of who I am. My mom was a dedicated nurse, and my mother-in-law was also a nurse.  This influence has facilitated a deep passion for exemplary, compassionate patient care.  I have a foundational respect and admiration for nurses at my core.  For anyone considering this career – look no further than Loyalist College.  Not only will you be attending an exceptional post-secondary school, you will also be attending an organization that has made it a mission to be a part of the healthcare pulse of this community. 

The partnership we have with Loyalist College has been vital to our COVID response and to helping us navigate a staffing crisis at a time of unprecedented demand.  I want to personally thank Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan for her leadership and her collaborative approach.  I am sincerely grateful to local MPP, Minister Todd Smith and his government for their support for this vital program being offered in Quinte. 

Stacey Daub, 

President and CEO

Quinte Health Care