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#4MyTeam - BGH Emergency Dept.

“My mother recently developed acute and severe abdominal pain, with intractable vomiting and confusion. We were quite concerned, and so presented to the BGH ED. My mother was triaged expeditiously, and had exceptional nursing and physician care, with analgesia, anti-nauseants, rehydration, diagnostic studies, and multiple reassessments. She was appropriately discharged from the ED the following morning, and had an outpatient abdominal ultrasound arranged later that same week, and thereafter she was immediately referred back to the ED because of some concerning findings pertaining to her gallbladder. Again, my mother received exceptional care both from a medical but also a compassionate standpoint, as a staff member provided her with his/her personal phone so my mother could call and advise us as to what was happening during that ED assessment.

I have worked at Quinte Health Care for 12 years, and I have always been proud to practice alongside the physicians, nurses, and allied health staff in our respective emergency departments. I know that we strive to provide good care, and I know often it is overlooked. This is my opportunity to validate our collective efforts with a patient experience: my family is incredibly thankful for everyone involved in my mother's care, and we want to use this forum as a way to express our gratitude. I'm proud to be a part of this team, and my family was fortunate to benefit from their expertise and compassion. Thank you especially to RNs Rochelle, Jada, Chris, and Charlotte, and Drs. Lois McDonald and Mark Froats in the Emergency Department and surgeons Dr. Bardell and Dr. Barnabi. I realize that I may have missed others that contributed to my mom's care, and for that I absolutely apologize -- we are grateful for everyone who looked after her, and want to acknowledge them all. Our most sincere thanks – a grateful family

A few of the staff/physicians involved in the patient's care, from left: Chris Wilson, RN
and Patient Care Lead; Dr. Lois McDonald; Dr. Mark Froats.