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#4MyTeam - BGH Diagnostic Imaging

“I was seen in Belleville General Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging department by three different health care professionals (Angela Murphy, Rebecca Spencer and Dr. Michelle Walker). Each was professional, friendly, kind, efficient, clear in their explanations, respectful and so very supportive and accommodating while efficiently moving the entire process along. They made sure I understood what was happening to me along the way. I felt they were very thorough and anticipated some of the clarification I would need in advance. Very reassuring. The other staff I came across were great too. When asking directions in the hallway, the staff I spoke to were very obliging and kind. It was a great experience and I am very grateful. Someone is doing something right at some level of leadership. I don't think it was an experience that was a blip on the screen. Thanks very much for it all.” – A Grateful Patient



Diagnostic Imaging staff Rebecca Spencer and Angela Murphy.