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#4MyTeam - TMH Emergency

“The morning of August 30th my Dad arrived at Trenton hospital via ambulance.  I can't say enough about the ER team at Trenton. From Switchboard, Admitting to nurses, doctors and X-ray staff. You all showed us so much compassion, respect, caring and understanding.  Little did I know that day was his last.   I wish I could have remembered everyone's name to thank them properly.  To the gentleman nurse that called my dad sir and exchanged a fishing story. You went above and beyond. You put a smile on his face and mine.  After my dad passed and I was looking for help I was rescued by the most spectacular lady (she said she wasn't working in the ER that day).   That didn't stop her, not only did she help me outside she stayed with me and offered to make a call for me.  They truly are a special group of people.   From the very bottom of my heart thank you.  You made a difference that day.  Thank you.” -- Susan Macarthur 

Some of the excellent TMH Emergency Department staff!