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Privacy auditing system upgrade improves QHC’s ability to detect and prevent privacy breaches

We take patient privacy very seriously at Quinte Health Care. Staff members are trained to only access the personal health information (PHI) necessary to do our jobs and to never access the PHI of patients not in our direct care.

Much like other hospitals, we can’t guarantee there will never be a privacy breach, but with our recently upgraded Security Audit Manager system (SAM), we are now better able to track and investigate potential privacy breaches.

What’s so great about our upgraded SAM?

  • Algorithms in the background filter to the surface access that should be investigated.
  • A weighted system assigns points depending on what information has been searched. For example, if an employee looks up someone with their same last name, someone who lives on their street, or another QHC employee, a predetermined number of points are assigned to them. The more points someone has, the more likely they will be audited to determine if each of those searches was required to do their job.
  • A variety of reports can be generated to assist with identifying suspicious activity.
  • Privacy auditors can take notes within the system allowing for better collaboration within the Privacy team.

“It’s a significant improvement to our auditing process,” said Peter Papadakos, Director of Decision Support, Health Records and Privacy. “The intelligent algorithms flag the most probable activity that we should be looking at, filtering out a lot of extra noise. This ultimately leads to the Privacy team more efficiently and effectively identifying potential privacy breaches – which is great news for our patients and QHC as an organization.”

Peter Papadakos, Director of Decision Support, Health Records
and Privacy, in front of the Security Audit Manager homepage.