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Community Donation Update: COVID-19

A message from Quinte Health Care’s COVID Warehouse Coordinators

Hello everyone!  As we’ve been coordinating the warehouse for over a month now (wow!), we wanted to send our thanks to all of the generous donors who have contributed to our supplies of PPE and other essential items; we appreciate the endless support we have received from the community, and your efforts are making a difference!

If you’re wondering what supplies we are running lowest on, we are currently in search of:

While this list outlines our most pressing needs, we continue to accept and appreciate donations of other essential items such as hand sanitizer and virox wipes.  If you or someone you know is able to provide us with a donation of PPE/other supplies (as QHC’s need does continue), please review the following:

All donations are ideally being received at the Belleville General Hospital Sills 2 Entrance (the newest wing of BGH with the blue panels on the balconies) by the Screening Team, just inside the doors. This allows items to be efficiently transported within the hospital to the COVID Warehouse, from which point donated items can be reviewed by QHC’s Infection Control Department, to ensure that items are safe and will be used appropriately when they are redistributed as-needed among all four QHC hospitals (BGH, TMH, PECMH, and NHH).   We are requesting that all donations be accompanied by donor name and contact information, so that we are able to continue to keep track of our esteemed donors and the items they’re providing.

If you have a large or ‘sensitive’ donation (pails of sanitizer, equipment, etc.), please ensure that arrangements are made in advance for drop-off with the COVID Warehouse Coordinators, so that we can have the equipment required to transport the donation from the drop-off point to the warehouse. The Coordinators can be contacted by email at covidwarehousecoordinator@qhc.on.ca, or by phone at 613-438-4394.

If you are unable to travel to the Belleville site, easily transportable warehouse donations are also being accepted by the Screeners at all our hospitals - we only request that you contact the COVID Warehouse Coordinators (again at  covidwarehousecoordinator@qhc.on.ca or 613-438-4394) to provide us with a record that items have been dropped off so that we can arrange for Security to pick up the donations and transport them to the warehouse for review by Infection Control, and then distributed.

If you are interested in sewing PPE (masks, gowns, caps, etc.) for QHC, we would request that you contact Fun With Stitches via message through their Facebook page, or by phoning 613-966-4715.  They have partnered with QHC Infection Control to ensure that sewing patterns used have been pre-approved for QHC’s needs, and are standardized.  While frontline staff and physicians must wear Health Canada approved PPE in the direct care of patients, these masks are extremely important in our fight against the spread of COVID-19 in our hospitals. They will be provided to visitors and patients to wear during their time at the hospital and as they transition home.  The masks you are sewing provide peace of mind to our health care providers that COVID-19 is not being spread throughout our hospitals, and will then allow these local residents to have reusable masks to wear when they are back out in the community.   

While hand sewn gowns are unrated gowns, they can provide a level of protection appropriate in some circumstances by clinical staff where higher rated gowns are not necessary. This allows us to conserve our limited stock of gowns. Even though they are unrated we have required that they are sewn according to a standardized pattern and with fabric that meets our requirements for a higher level of protection.  We have coordinated efforts with “Fun with Stitches” – they can provide specifications.

We would like to reiterate again that we are very thankful for the initiative taken so far by the community to support us; it has been integral in our successful navigation of this pandemic.   We truly ALL help provide care!