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Additional Restrictions to Visitors - Quinte 7 Maternity

Attention: Maternity Patients 

**IMPORTANT UPDATE effective APRIL 8, 2020***

Due to community spread of COVID-19 we are forced to heighten our precautions on the Maternal Child Unit at QHC Belleville General Hospital (Quinte 7).  

Effective immediately, we are asking that all pregnant patients please call the Maternal Child Unit at QHC (613-969-7400 extension 2345) prior to coming to Quinte 7 for any reason.  This includes reasons such as when you feel you may be in labour or your membranes may have ruptured.  This will allow the health care team to pre-screen you and direct you to the best place for care and will allow the team to be prepared to ensure the safety of our patients.   

The hospital is allowing one person only to accompany a patient in labour as a support person for the birth.  This support person is no longer permitted to stay once the healthy mother and infant are transferred to their postpartum room after delivery.  As well, no support person can stay for maternity patients requiring admission for pregnancy complications until that mother is going to be in labour/delivered.  Specific scenarios involving mothers, infants or children that are affected by COVID will be individually reviewed.  We continue to ask that patients do not have a support person accompany them for booked appointments. Only healthy support persons will be allowed to accompany patients.   CLICK HERE FOR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS RE: WHY ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS ARE NECESSARY 

There are currently no food or beverage outlets available in the hospital.  We suggest you bring food and snacks with you. Meal trays are provided for patients however if there are specific items you like, please bring them.  

If you have a booked appointment on the Maternal Child Unit, please expect a screening phone call.  If you have not had a call prior to leaving for the appointment please call us at extension 2345.   Please note, this is NOT an information line for general questions and is only to be utilized by those patients who require urgent assessment for a current problem.

If your primary concern is suspected COVID-19 infection, and not a pregnancy problem, please do NOT come to Quinte 7, but follow the community guidelines already in place. For more information contact Hastings and Prince Edward Public Health.

If you plan on breastfeeding your baby or feeding your baby expressed breast milk, please bring a breast pump with you if you have one.

Thank you for your co-operation during this very difficult time.

The Maternal Child Team

Click here for more information on our general visiting guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic