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#4MyTeam - North Hastings Hospital

“My husband and I recently attended the ER at North Hastings Hospital. My husband had a heart attack in July and was feeling some chest pain while we were at our cottage, so we went to this hospital (for the first time). The triage nurse was amazing. She was friendly, thorough and very knowledgeable - one of the best nurses I have dealt with. Honestly, speaking with her made us less stressed. There was zero wait time and my husband had an ECG directly after triage. Once the results of the ECG were back, Dr. Griffin came in and spoke with me and my husband. He was excellent - one of the most amazing ER Doctors we have dealt with. He did some extra tests on my husband to ensure everything was okay. His bedside manner was impeccable. Throughout my husband’s health journey we have been to a few different hospitals and I must say that our experience here FAR exceeded all the others. It’s really comforting to know that at such a small hospital (compared to those in the city we are from) nothing has been sacrificed. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! Please keep doing what you are doing - you are all rock stars.” – Jennifer Armstrong

Dr. Steven Griffin, physician at North Hastings Hospital.