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Celebrating “Men at Work” - Our BGH Auxiliary Heroes

Celebrating “Men at Work” - Our BGH Auxiliary Heroes

By Wendy Chesworth, President, BGHA

The Women’s Hospital Auxiliary was organized April 28, 1938, at a meeting held in the City Hall Council Chambers. In October, 1974, the name was changed to Belleville General Hospital Auxiliary to reflect the inclusion of men as volunteers.  April is National Volunteer Month in Canada. As we move into this special month, we are featuring a special contingent of our volunteers: the men who make up our 200-person Auxiliary team, 25 in all. Allow me to introduce four of these generous gentlemen:

Rob Preston - “I love being a volunteer, as life has been very good to me and it’s time I shared my enthusiasm. The other reason is that I am very much appreciated among visitors to the ICU and the medical team; I can see it on people's faces”. That appreciation goes both ways. Rob values his time spent among them.  He has also become one of our ambassadors at the Wellness Centre Senior’s Fair. “Anything I can do to help, I’m ready, willing and able.” Rob spent his work life at BGH and felt as though it was time to give back.

Paul Reesor - “Joining the auxiliary was a perfect fit for me, as a new resident and retiree.  "I've met so many people at the hospital in a short time and have had the chance to use my 'people skills' from my public relations career," explains Paul. "There's a personal satisfaction interacting with patients; one feels good to be part of making a patient's visit a pleasant experience." The hospital is a vital asset to our community with excellent staff. Paul adds, "For this, I'm proud to have this opportunity to contribute my time!"

Brent Perry - “Four years ago I retired from my job in Property Assessment. I was thinking that I would like to volunteer somewhere and give back a little for all that I had received over the years. I chose BGH because they helped me and my family from time to time and I just wanted to give back. I’m glad I did because it has been very rewarding. I volunteer in the ICU and the Emergency Department and enjoy my roles very much.”

Ken Capstick - “One of the reasons why I volunteer is that I have personally benefited from the care that I have received over the years at BGH. In retirement, it gives me the incentive to get out of bed in the morning and to socialize with others. I have volunteered at the Aroma Café where I can meet staff and visitors; in Oncology, where I can feel as though I’m making a difference; in Emergency where we become an integral part of the team and lately at the Sills 2 Information desk and as an ICU Ambassador. I believe that everyone would find that volunteering at BGH is time spent doing what is rewarding and memorable.”

From left: Paul Reesor, Brent Perry and Ken Capstick.