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#4MyTeam - Neil Aubrey

Neil Aubrey is always friendly, approachable and patient when responding to requests for assistance.  He manages to make each request feel like a priority and he never leaves a conversation without a resolution or follow-up step.  Neil fields panicked calls about lost files, email and access issues never leaving the caller feeling as though he was inconvenienced.  Recently, the entire Patient Relations department changed and Neil was critical to making this transition successful and seamless.  He went above and beyond to troubleshoot problems in the moment and he always followed up to ensure success.  His dedication and perseverance ensured that QHC was able to provide uninterrupted patient and family support during this significant transition.  Neil “does what can’t be done” and we are so thankful to have him as our colleague!”   -- The Quality and Interprofessional Practice Team

Neil Aubrey, Information Systems