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Getting to know Dr. Zoutman - QHC's Chief of Staff

While it has been only a few months since we first welcomed Dr. Zoutman as our new Chief of Staff, already he is busy getting to know the people who make Quinte Health Care what it is and learning about the exciting direction that QHC is heading. From members of the Board, staff, physicians and the Senior Leadership Team, he said, "it's been a terrific reception" and he is excited to be coming to QHC during the formative days of the strategic plan.
Dr. Zoutman said that what was most appealing to him in the Chief of Staff position were the people at QHC and the organization's keen desire to develop a new strategic plan. Through his previous position at Queen's University and affiliated teaching hospitals in Kingston, he had already worked closely with colleagues at QHC, particularly in Infection Control and Microbiology. "It's always impressed me how excellent the people here work as a group and how terrific QHC has been in adopting quality based methods such as LEAN," he said. "I've become something of a quality nut. I really believe that we can improve the quality of everything we do and in
looking at this role and the people here, I think together, we can make QHC the best hospital of its class," he added.
He said that he is also excited to hear what the medical staff have to say. "I am eager to hear what their expectations are of me as their Chief of Staff, what their top priorities are for QHC, what they like and what they would like to see changed within QHC," he said. Collecting their ideas will be instrumental as we roll out the strategic plan. Everyone, including the physicians, need to be on board so that we can really move the organization where it needs to go," he added.
Not only does Dr. Zoutman come to us as an experienced physician, teacher and researcher, he is also a specialist in Infectious Diseases in Medical Microbiology and said that as a hospital, we need to continue to do our best to keep the infections under control and that starts with adopting and maintaining good hand hygiene practices. "Controlling infections, such as C. difficile, has been a big challenge
for many hospitals around the world, not just in Ontario or hospitals in this area. It's a problem everywhere," he said. "We all have to work very hard as a team, in microbiology, infection control, and all those who provide care, to do the basics. Hand hygiene really is a fundamental practice," he added.