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Planning partners move one step closer to the approval of a new hospital in PEC Ministry approves Pre-Capital Submission

Planning partners move one step closer to the approval of a new hospital in PEC— Ministry approves Pre-Capital Submission

Picton–January 24, 2016:  Lou Rinaldi,  Member of Provincial Parliament  (MPP) for Northumberland-Quinte West,  joined Hastings-Prince Edward MPP Todd Smith and project partners today to announce the Ontario Government’s approval of the Pre-Capital Submission for the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Project.

The approval gives the project partners the ‘green light’ to move to the next stage in the process required by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) to build a new hospital.  Moving forward with the completion of the Stage 1 Proposal focuses on the future Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital - including an evaluation of the current site, investigation of site options, a high-level space plan and a cost estimate.  It’s expected to take six months to complete the proposal. 

The Corporate Master Program was the final requirement of the Ministry before moving forward to the next step.  The comprehensive document details QHC’s service and redevelopment plans for the next 20 years and shows how the new hospital would fit into the plan.

The project vision remains - a health care campus where patients can access a wide range of primary health care services – family physicians, nurse practitioners, outpatient clinics, and emergency room, inpatient beds and community support services.

The potential benefits for Prince Edward County residents would be easier access to a wide-range of primary care services close-to-home; greater efficiency for the health care system; improved patient satisfaction; and a healthier community. It would also allow for even better recruitment and retention of all health care professionals.



“This is an important step in the right direction for this valuable project. While there is still a great deal of work to be done, the South East LHIN is incredibly pleased with the efforts to complete the Stage One proposal for the future redevelopment, and the wide-spread support dedicated to moving forward and bringing a new Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital to fruition.”

— Paul Huras, CEO, South East Local Health Integration Network

“A new hospital to serve the residents of Prince Edward County is QHC’s top redevelopment priority.   We are thankful to receive Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care approval of the pre-capital submission to allow us to move ahead with the completion of the stage one proposal.  Each milestone we achieve in a project this significant is well worth celebrating with our community!”

—Doug McGregor, Board Chair, Quinte Health Care

"I am extremely pleased that the combined hard work of our committee comprised of members from PEFHT, PECM Foundation,  QHC, the SE LHIN, as well as our municipal government, especially Mayor Quaiff, has paid off, and that the Ministry of Health recognizes the absolute necessity of redeveloping the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital. I am optimistic that we are now moving in a positive direction that will continue to gain momentum and support as we proceed."

—Dr. Donald Koval, Family Health Team

“The Foundation's vision is of a state of the art facility with skilled providers, here in the County, for our families and friends. We're committed to provide the leadership to raise the Community's share of the costs for the new Hospital. Knowing where you want to be is the first step to getting there. So let's get on with the rest of the Ministry's required steps! We believe the community is ready."

—Monica Alyea, President, Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation

“For over eighty years and in two buildings, the Auxiliary has supported hospital staff, both financially and by helping patients.  Volunteers working in the hospital admire the outstanding care given patients, while staff cope with never ending maintenance concerns in this dated building. The Auxiliary has pledged to raise $1 million for a new hospital and the savings are well underway.”

—Peggy Payne, Past President, Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

“Promoting sustainable healthcare services in our community is a key priority for our Council—and the redevelopment of our community’s hospital is a big component of that priority.  We are incredibly thankful for this announcement and all of the work that has led to it, but we recognize that there is much work yet to be done to see the project through to fruition. Our municipality is committed to advocating tirelessly to see that happen. Together, we will serve as a united voice for the hospital’s redevelopment; we will be patient, but persistent; and, I’m confident that—in the  not too distant future—we will be celebrating the next milestone in this project.“

—Robert Quaiff, Mayor, Prince Edward County

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