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QHC's Master Program 2016-2035

QHC's Master Program 2016-2035

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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

What is a Master Program?

A master program serves as a foundation for QHC’s long term service and redevelopment plans.  It provides a detailed overview of space requirements and needed upgrades to the QHC hospitals over the next 20 years.  

Are the contents of the Master Program ‘set in stone’?

A master program is not a static document.  The plan is the best estimate based on what we know today, combined with local demographic projections and health care trends.  It will require ongoing revision to keep it current with technology, changes in the delivery of care and changes in government priorities and standards. 

Why was it done now?

A corporate master program is a ministry requirement to move forward with any major redevelopment.  QHC has a number of urgent needs.  A new hospital in Prince Edward County is the highest priority. Trenton and Belleville also have significant re-development needs which are enabled by the master program.

It was required by the province as part of the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital redevelopment project.  It shows how the new hospital would fit into the overall service delivery plan of QHC as a whole.  This was the final step required by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to complete the first phase of the five-step approval process to build a new hospital.

Why is the PECMH Redevelopment project the organization’s top priority?

QHC Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital was built more than 50 years ago and does not meet today’s standards for building codes, infection control or delivering hospital based care.  Click here for more information about the PECMH Redevelopment Project. 

What are the other top priorities?

Other projects in the top priority category for upgrades include the ambulatory clinics and medical device reprocessing department at Trenton Memorial Hospital and the Orthopaedic Fracture Clinic at Belleville General Hospital.  Each one of these areas are in crucial need of renovations to bring the spaces up to today’s standards for patient safety, quality of care and efficient operations to best meet the needs of our patients. 

How was it developed?

The master program was prepared by an expert firm, Agnew Peckham, working with a steering committee of QHC program and support staff. They used the following information to create this extensive 20-year plan:

  • The community engagement input received in 2015 defining the local health care priorities
  • Recommendations of the Brighton/Quinte West Health Services Advisory Committee
  • Input from physicians and staff
  • Internal data analysis (current use of services)
  • External consulting support (population demographics and health care trends)

Note:  The full version of the Master Program is available upon request.  Please email - cwalker@qhc.on.ca .