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Auxiliary Volunteer Week in the City of Belleville

“As we begin a week of celebrations highlighting the good work of the Auxiliary, it is with the utmost respect that I thank the BGH Auxiliary volunteers for their dedication and support. I thank Mayor Taso Christopher and all members of city council for recognizing the remarkable work of the BGH Auxiliary for the past 78 years by proclaiming this Auxiliary Volunteer Week in the City of Belleville.” - Quinte Health Care (QHC) Chief Executive Officer and President Mary Clare Egberts.

Quick Facts:

  • The Belleville General Hospital Auxiliary(BGHA) has donated nearly 4-million dollars in support of QHC Belleville General Hospital since the organization’s inception in 1938.
  • From 1999-2015, the BGH Auxiliary has invested more than $125,000 in operating in-hospital services such as supporting recreation activities, providing reading materials to patients and visitors, providing gifts to patients at Christmas times and maintaining family care rooms for visitors with palliative or critically ill loved ones in hospital.
  • From 1999-2016, the BGH Auxiliary’s HELPP Lottery pull-tickets generated over $166,000 toward the purchase of hospital equipment. 
  • In 2015, the BGH Auxiliary team comprised of more than 250 volunteers gave in excess of 33,000 hours of service in support of the hospital. 
  • The BGHA is holding an open house on Wednesday September 21st.  All Auxiliary services will be on display. The Auxiliary invites the public to attend and find out how to join the hospital volunteer team! 

About today’s donation:

The volunteers of the Belleville General Hospital Auxiliary’s Opportunity Shop are proud to support patient care by presenting its first cheque of $20,000 toward a five year $100,000 commitment made to support Cancer Care at BGH.

According to BGH Auxiliary President Leah Johnson, the donation is the culmination of thousands of volunteer hours.   

“Our membership at the Opportunity Shop takes great pride in the work they do in support of the hospital,” explained Johnson.  “I am extremely honoured to make this donation on behalf of our dedicated team of volunteers.”

“Today’s gesture of financial support is sincerely appreciated, as are the efforts of hospital volunteers’ active each day providing information services, offering support and companionship in patient care areas and working within Auxiliary retail operations,” said Egberts.  “It’s inspirational to consider the combined contribution of volunteers of the BGH Auxiliary over nearly eight decades of service.”

For more information, please contact:

BGH Auxiliary President Leah Johnson

(613)969-7400 ext 2297, haux@qhc.on.ca