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QHC starts staff planning process with its unions News Release

BELLEVILLE, November 19, 2015 – Quinte Health Care (QHC) has started staff planning with its four union partners as part of the organization’s ongoing process to create a balanced operating plan for 2016/17.

QHC needs to remove $11.5 million in expenses next year in order to operate within its reduced funding levels and cover inflation. This includes a $7 million reduction in administration/support departments and $4.5 million in patient care areas.

The process to identify the savings began in May and has included two phases of community engagement with input gathered from more than 1,500 people. “Community members told us in the spring that their top priorities for hospital care were 24-hour emergency rooms, inpatient beds and basic diagnostics,” said QHC Board Chair Tricia Anderson. “We have been able to commit to keeping these key services close-to-home.”

President & CEO Mary Clare Egberts adds that although there are some changes to clinical services and access to care across the hospitals, the vast majority of the proposed changes for 2016/17 are related to staffing levels and efficiencies in almost every area of QHC.

If the proposed changes are fully implemented, there would be 84 less positions at QHC. Overall, the proposed changes would eliminate 162 positions and add 78 new positions. Of the 162 positions that are proposed to be eliminated, 38 are already vacant. Of the 78 new positions, 48 can be used for automatic reassignments and the remaining 30 can be used for other reassignment opportunities or job postings.

“These changes are extremely difficult for everyone at QHC and we are focused on supporting our staff through this stressful process,” said Ms. Egberts. “Unfortunately it is not possible to remove another $11.5 million from our organization without reducing the number of staff positions, but as always our goal is to manage this as much as possible through attrition, retirements and offering different positions where possible so that we can minimize the number of valued staff who need to leave QHC involuntarily.”

On November 24, the QHC Board of Directors will consider the proposed operating plan for approval in principal, subject to any changes from the union staff planning process. Final Board approval would be in January 2016. The changes would then start to be implemented in April 2016. “The unions meetings this week are part of the continuing process and we are sharing information as we have it,” said Ms. Egberts.


Susan Rowe
Senior Director, Communications, Quinte Health Care
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