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Outbreak of VRE colonization on Quinte 5, QHC BGH


We have declared an outbreak on Quinte 5 at QHC BGH as a number of patients have recently tested positive for VRE colonization.

There is currently no restriction on admissions and transfers to and from the unit, however, transfers from the unit should be placed on contact precautions until swabs from admission and seven days post transfer are negative. If testing remains negative after seven days, patient can be taken off contact precautions.  

Please keep the following in mind with regard to Quinte 5 at QHC BGH:

  • Although cleaning has been increased and additional infection prevention and control measures have been implemented, staff are to ensure equipment is thoroughly cleaned between patient use.
  • Staff are reminded to be diligent with hand washing and extra cautious by ensuring the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is utilized at all times.
  • Patients being transferred to an outbreak unit should be made aware of the outbreak and provided with information sheets for themselves and family; and
  • When transferring a patient between clinical areas, please ensure that the necessary contact precautions are in place and that this is communicated in advance to the receiving department.