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Quinte Health Care incorporates new patient privacy auditing system

Quinte Health Care has taken extra precaution to protect patient information with the recent installation and deployment of a new Security Audit Manager system (SAM). SAM is a patient privacy auditing and incident risk management system that can interface with and export to any health information system. SAM is designed to facilitate the entire life cycle of a potential privacy breach, including data collection and analysis, and incident response management.


Peter Papadakos, Director of Decision Support, said that having this system in place will dramatically improve QHC’s ability to monitor system access and use, and investigate and track incidents and privacy breaches. “We’re trying to be proactive instead of reactive in protecting the records and personal information of our patients. Like other hospitals, unfortunately we cannot guarantee there will never be a privacy breach, but having this system in place will allow us to perform proactive automated audits and alerts, and provide accurate data collection and analysis should a possible breach occur.”


Some of the features of the new system includes:

  • The ability to monitor for changes in a user’s activity and show abnormal activity volume;
  • The ability to report when patient records are accessed from a different facility other than the users primary location;
  • The ability to allow administrative users (that have Event Log Reporting) to be able to generate a report that will list new accounts added or deleted;
  • The ability to provide a Patient/User Activity Report by randomly selecting patients and determining who had accessed their record for a given period of time;
  • The ability to report if a user searches for a patient record who lives on their street or has the same last name (as the user), etc. 


This new system was introduced at Quinte Health Care in June.