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Quinte health care Awarded Accreditation with exemplary standing News Release

BELLEVILLE, May 26, 2015 – Quinte Health Care (QHC) has been Accredited with “Exemplary Standing” which is Accreditation Canada’s highest designation. Out of more than 2,400 criteria, QHC had just three unmet for an overall compliance of 99.9 percent.

From May 4 - 8, four surveyors who are part of the national accreditation team visited all four QHC hospitals and delved deep into all patient care areas, clinical standards, as well as visited most hospital departments to determine how well they measure up against national standards for quality of care.  With just three unmet criteria out of 2,400 and an overall compliance of 99.9 percent, the surveyors were extremely impressed with what they saw during the week-long accreditation survey.

“This award sends a strong message to our communities that QHC provides excellent care in keeping with national best practice standards and that staff and physicians are focused on continually improving the work they do,” said Steve Blakely, QHC Board Chair.

Lead Surveyor Jim Hornell pointed out that staff, physicians and volunteers were “knowledgeable, engaged and extremely patient focused”.  He mentioned a number of areas that stood out for their exemplary work and improvements from the previous survey. He spoke about QHC’s Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) and said that it’s a “solid operation”. On more than one occasion, he mentioned the great work of the Infection Prevention and Control team, Emergency Preparedness, and QHC’s Antibiotic Stewardship program.

QHC President & CEO Mary Clare Egberts said that she was thrilled to share the results with staff, physicians and volunteers as everyone at QHC plays an important role in delivering high quality care. “We have achieved an Exemplary Standing with 99.9% because everyone at QHC is committed to delivering quality patient care and are always striving to improve. I am so proud to be part of this organization because I know we strive to deliver exceptional care every day,” she said.

Although there are always areas where improvements can be made, many departments and initiatives are highlighted for their exceptional work. Some of the comments from the report include:

  • Staff members were described as committed, flexible and collaborative.
  • There was evidence of strong medical staff engagement in the organization.
  • Staff members have a clear understanding and appreciate the needs of their patients and the local communities. They consistently strive to be helpful and accessible.
  • There have been significant positive improvements related to quality and risk at Quinte Health Care…The expectation and implementation of huddles is regarded as having a significant impact on the shift in the culture towards enhancing quality improvement and sharing at the front lines.
  • The interdisciplinary teams of Mental Health Services are knowledgeable about the communities they serve and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to coordinate and deliver services. Well-developed working relationships have been established in the communities, and this has a positive impact on patient outcomes.
  • Staff members are commended for their commitment to enhancing care and service delivery for Rehabilitation Services.
  • In general, facilities are spacious and well maintained, reflecting pride amongst the staff members and those they serve.
  • It was felt that QHC had fire and safety at the forefront.
  • Considerable investments in Information Technology and Decision Support have begun paying dividends across the organization. Staff members, physicians and governors feel strongly supported with data and information to guide reporting and quality improvement.
  • The leadership team was found to be engaged, insightful and realistic in their assessment of progress made since the previous survey.
  • The Board of Directors is engaged and understands the role in governance.
  • Health Links is regarded as positive for all partners although participants described some overlap in membership.
  • Clients of the organization are complimentary of and pleased with the levels of care provided and with the providers.
  • I haven’t seen many surveys cover the criteria the way you have done.


The final report is a public document and is available on our website or via this link.


Susanne Anderson – Orychock

Communications Consultant

Quinte Health Care

(613) 969-7400 ext. 2677