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Behavioural Supports Transition Unit at QHC opening soon Media Release

BELLEVILLE, March 26, 2015 – Working teams are now putting the final touches on the new Behavioural Supports Transition Unit (BSTU) in preparation to admit the first patients the week of March 30.

Funded by the South East Local Health Integration Network, the BSTU is a 20-bed inpatient program for adults living with dementia or age-related cognitive impairments who need enhanced resources to help manage challenging behaviours that are often a part of these conditions. The interprofessional BSTU team will develop behavioural care plans that will assist in the management and stabilization of responsive behaviours that can be handed over to and carried out by teams outside of the hospital setting. Katherine Stansfield, QHC’s Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer said the teams will be working closely with individuals admitted to the unit, their family, caregivers and health care partners in order to successfully transition the individuals to their most appropriate care setting. She said that the care provided on the new unit will make a substantial contribution to support those living with dementia and other challenging responsive behaviours that are often experienced. “This is a vulnerable population across our region and the Behavioural Supports Transition Unit will be able to provide the high level of sensitivity and care that will be required for these patients,” she said.

Paul Huras, CEO of the South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) said that the stabilization, assessment and treatment that will be available in the BSTU will help individuals return to their home, or to their chosen destination successfully and that there is a great need for such a service in our region. “There is a pressing need in the South East LHIN for this type of specialized unit, one that can provide an alternate setting which will address behaviours individuals are exhibiting in their current care setting.” The anticipated length of stay for each patient is approximately 90 days and will be determined based on their unique needs.

The BSTU is a secure unit located on Sills 4 at QHC Belleville General Hospital and is utilizing some of the space that was originally designed as a Complex Care unit. Adrienne Bell-Smith is the BSTU program manager and said Sills 4 is an ideal space for this program. “This unit was designed specifically for patients with significant mobility and cognitive needs,” she said. The architectural design is barrier-free and has been modified to support security and specific therapeutic needs for the patients and the new unit.

Admission Criteria:

  • Age-related cognitive impairment and those who need help managing responsive behaviours that are often part of the following conditions: Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia, Frontal-Temporal Dementia, Lewy Body Disease, Alcohol-Released Dementia, Mixed Dementias, Unspecified Dementia.
  • Behavioural health needs that currently exceed available resources for example, the Alzheimer Society, CCAC or community-based Behavioural Support Services.
  • Multiple health issues that can typically be managed in home or in a community setting.

Although the BSTU is housed within the Belleville General Hospital and QHC provides the care and manages the program, it is a regional service and is eligible to seniors currently in South Eastern Ontario hospitals, long-term care homes, retirement homes and community settings. It was developed in partnership with the South East LHIN, CCAC, Providence Care, Long Term Care Homes, Hospitals, Lived Experience Network and the Alzheimer’s Society. Intake is being managed by the South East Community Care Access Centre.

Podcast: Click here to hear more about the Behavioural Supports Transition Unit in an interview with manager, Adrienne Bell Smith.


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