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Feeling looked after in BGH emergency dept.

“I went to the Belleville General Hospital emergency department on October 31st with shortness of breath after having COVID the week before.

Was the wait long? Absolutely.

Did a nurse come to the waiting room to take vitals on some very ill patients? 100%.

Did the triage nurse come and update me and everyone, and see if we needed anything? Of course.

Did I ever feel ignored? Definitely not.

Once I was in a room, I saw nurses go in 100 different directions and doctors being diligent in their quick comments to the nurses.

I went for X-rays and had an in-room ultrasound. The doctor explained everything and then requested that I stay and wait for and echocardiogram and CT scan in the morning. The PSW and nurses checked on me throughout the night, offered blankets – anything they could do to make everything a little more comfortable.

Thank you to everyone for making a rather scary event a little less scary, and for doing their very best to ensure everyone was looked after as quickly as they could.

To the patients that were so quick to complain and show disrespect, please give the health care providers the respect they deserve. They are working so hard, and are so short-staffed. Be understanding.” – a grateful patient

Members of the BGH Emergency Department team