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Collaborative efforts to bring a CT Scanner to North Hastings Hospital

CT scans are used frequently to diagnose an injury and/or determine medical treatment, often in emergency situations. They can detect everything from life-threatening blood clots in the lungs, to brain hemorrhaging, acute appendicitis, or internal bleeding caused by trauma.

Currently, all North Hastings Hospital (NHH) patients who need a CT scan as part of their diagnosis are transferred to other hospitals - oftentimes Belleville General Hospital, located 120 kilometres away. The patient is transferred with a nurse escort the 1.5 hours to Belleville by ambulance or transfer service for their scan before treatment can begin. This can lead to a delay in the patient’s diagnosis and treatment.

Quinte Health and the North Hastings Fund Development Committee are excited to jointly announce that work is underway with the Ministry of Health to advance planning and design to accommodate a CT scanner, which Quinte Health will purchase and install at North Hastings Hospital. The purchase will be funded through the outstanding support of the North Hastings Fund Development Committee’s “Back the Cat” campaign.

The goal is to bring better care, closer to home, for the people of North Hastings and surrounding areas - both full-time and seasonal residents, and the many seasonal visitors to the area.

Having a CT scanner onsite at NHH would streamline diagnosis and treatment timelines, improving the standard of care. It would eliminate travel for emergency, inpatients and outpatients, and it would reduce the length of time patients spend in hospital, leading to increased patient satisfaction. It would also eliminate the need for a nurse to spend hours accompanying a patient transfer.

A CT scanner at NHH would be a key driver in successful physician recruitment and retention as it will equip physicians with an essential tool that they require to provide the best care possible.

Our aspirations at Quinte Health are all about care, compassion, connection and our people. Our efforts to bring a CT scanner to North Hastings Hospital are inspired by our wish to extend the best, most compassionate and connected care possible to the North Hastings community. It’s equally important that we listen and support our dedicated hospital team by pursuing the tools they need to provide excellent rural health care.” - Stacey Daub, President and CEO, Quinte Health.

“This partnership is all about making sure the residents and visitors to our beautiful area have equitable access to CT services. As a long-time resident of North Hastings, I know I’m not alone in feeling an immense pride in our community hospital and the remarkably dedicated team providing care each and every day. I am continually amazed and inspired by the calibre of support the community extends to North Hastings Hospital and I have no doubt our community will step up again in support of this vital diagnostic tool. We look forward to sharing more information as the efforts to bring a CT Scanner to North Hastings Hospital progress.” - Kim Bishop, Chair, North Hastings Fund Development Committee.