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QHC's Mental Health teams support each other through staffing challenges

Similar to most departments at QHC during these challenging times, the Sills 5 Inpatient Mental Health Unit has been having a variety of staffing challenges over the past few months. To ensure Sills 5 had the nursing resources needed to keep up with patient care, the two Mental Health Program managers got creative and resourceful.

Krista VanEgmond, Manager of the Sills 5 Inpatient Unit and the Transitional Outpatient Centre (TOC), and Janet Kinsey, Manager of the Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT), temporarily enabled Registered Nurses from TOC and ACTT to help out by picking up shifts on Sills 5.

“This was a first for our Mental Health Program,” said Krista. “It was fantastic to see our RNs supporting each other across three teams. Many of the TOC and ACTT nurses used to work on the Sills 5 Inpatient Unit, so they brought experience and mentorship to some of the newer nurses on Sills 5, strengthening care for the patients we serve. A big shout out to all of the Mental Health teams for the great teamwork!”

“It was a nice change of scenery for the ACTT and TOC nurses, and a huge support for the Sills 5 team,” said Janet. “We thank everyone for being open and positive about this different way of doing things in order to support our patients and each other.”

A few of the Mental Health nurses who helped out on the Sills 5 Inpatient Unit during staffing
challenges. From left: Emily Bosma, RN, Transitional Outpatient Centre; Jessica Bandy, RN,
Transitional Outpatient Centre; Trang Palmer, RN, Assertive Community Treatment Team.