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Appreciation for TMH Emergency Team

“I wanted to take a moment to give my appreciation to your staff in the emergency department at Trenton Memorial Hospital. 

I recently had two visits to the ER with two of my children. The first was with my son. Although it was a long night of waiting, your nursing staff, who were run off their feet, took the time and care to come into the waiting area to reassess the patients who had been waiting to see the Dr. for several hours. I found this gesture to be very comforting to those who had been there 4+ hours – an acknowledgement from the nursing staff that we know you are here, we are sorry for your wait and we are trying to ensure everyone is continuing to do well as they wait.  When we were seen by Dr. Bishop, he genuinely took my concerns and my son’s situation and health seriously, even as I could see that night had been exhausting for all of them. He advised me what health changes I should be watching for in my son and to have him checked again if needed. 

The second visit was with my youngest daughter. The entire nursing staff, the Triage nurse, the Nurse in Charge, the Observation Nurse, Cindy, and Dr. Bishop all took amazing care of her. They were compassionate, thoughtful and caring. Even though they had many other patients, we were not rushed or made to feel a fool for being there.  Again, my concerns for her well-being were genuinely heard and received by all of your staff.

I have spent the last two years with my heart breaking for all of the front line healthcare workers who have had to deal with more than their fair share of abuse from their patients and the public for matters that are beyond their control and, as I watched your team in Trenton moving from one alarm to another without missing a beat and doing so with smiling eyes to all of their patients, I just wanted to make sure that they receive the recognition they all deserve. You have a great team there and it is my hope that they can hold this appreciation for a day when they need it and know that with every hard day they have helped a lot of people. Thank you.” – a grateful family member

Members of the TMH Emergency Department team