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What organ and tissue donation means to Team QHC

At QHC, we hold organ and tissue donation close to our hearts (and lungs and livers). Why?

Firstly, because we’re a healthcare organization and we often see patients who are in need of a transplant, have benefited from a transplant, or who have generously signed up to be a donor and are able to give the gift of life to others upon their passing. Did you know that by donating your organs and tissue after you die, you can save up to 8 lives and improve up to 75 more? Amazing!

Secondly, because a couple of our incredible Team QHC members have been hugely impacted by organ and tissue donation.

Jacquie Daley (Morris) was a dedicated Labour and Delivery nurse and member of the Quinte 7 family at QHC Belleville General Hospital until she had to leave her role due to health reasons in 2016. An earlier rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis had progressed to pulmonary fibrosis and, by 2016, Jacquie required oxygen. Her pulmonary function was down to 41 per cent.

Jacquie was placed on the lung transplant list in 2017 and, while she waited for a transplant, she took part in pulmonary rehab twice a week in the Belleville General Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Day Hospital. There she walked on a treadmill, rode a stationary bike, lifted weights and did other activities to improve her lung function.

In 2018, Jacquie received a double lung transplant and her health drastically improved. She no longer required oxygen and she felt like she could live life again. Tragically, just a few years later in October 2021, Jacquie fell ill and passed away.

Throughout her illness and after her transplant, Jacquie was a strong advocate for organ and tissue donation, sharing her journey as part of QHC’s annual Be a Donor Campaign. We sincerely miss Jacquie’s passion for the cause and the compassionate care she provided as a member of Team QHC.

Another member of Team QHC, Hospitality Services Representative (HSR), Vicky Jackson, also has a close connection with organ donation. Vicky selflessly donated a portion of her liver to a complete stranger. She did it in memory of her loved one, Doug, who died of liver disease a day before Vicky had her appointment to start the process of donating a portion of her liver to him.

“Doug was only in the hospital for 10 days – we didn’t know he was sick before that,” explained Vicky. “If I was going to donate part of my liver to Doug, why wouldn’t I do it for someone else?”

Vicky’s altruism is rare and inspiring. Thank you, Vicky, for your incredible advocacy for organ and tissue donation.

Learn more about organ and tissue donation, or take two minutes to register to be a donor at www.beadonor.ca.

Vicky Jackson and Jacquie Daley (Morris) in April 2019, helping with QHC's 
Organ and Tissue Donation awareness/registration table. Both QHC employees
were hugely impacted by organ and tissue donation.