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Get to know #TeamQHC

Quinte Health Care is comprised of ultra-talented and dedicated people with a diverse set of interests and skills. Get to know them better in this monthly highlight of #TeamQHC members! 


Patient Registration - PECMH

What's the best thing that's happened to you so far this week?

Well my dog was hurt and we thought he broke his leg, but it's actually a bad sprain, so that was good news! His name is Shadow, he's a Siberian Husky and nine years old. He's used to his routines, so he's not a very happy dog right now. We're trying to nurse him back to health, but he's 3 legged right now. We also have a King Shepherd and we enjoy walking the dogs and going on car rides with them, they love that.

How long have you lived in Prince Edward County?

I've been in the county for over 12 years now, I'm originally from the North Bay area. It's beautiful up there, but a lot colder. They get winter about a month prior to us here. I really love this area though, it's also beautiful. I actually went to the Sandbanks this year for the first time and I couldn't believe how gorgeous it is. No wonder everyone flocks to see it, I can understand why now.

What do you like to do in the county?

We do a lot of fishing, ice fishing. We also do stock car racing. We recently won what's called a trailer race, and our trailer was done up like a stretcher with a patient, doctor and nurse, and we won for the most decorated trailer. We donated half our earnings to the hospital's Back the Build campaign. My husband has raced with his father for years and years, and at the end of the season at Brighton Speedway we had five cars in the race. It's a nice outing for everyone and it’s a very family-oriented event.

Do you enjoy travelling?

Yes for sure, I'd like to go somewhere warm at some point. My husband and I are planning a trip to the west coast next year, drive out and visit my Dad, and do some sightseeing. We're looking forward to seeing the mountains and that'll be quite an adventure for us.

How have you enjoyed working at PECMH?

It's been busy lately, but we work together as a team. Everyone in the community is really excited about the new hospital and it's been a community wide event, which seems to be bringing everyone together. It's going to be amazing for this community! 

Support Services, Reprocessing - NHH

Which movie could you watch over and over? 

Forrest Gump, it's heartwarming and lovely and you know how it's going to turn out.

Favourite food?

As long as somebody else cooks it, it's my favorite food. 

On a more serious note, how has it been at QHC North Hastings Hospital these past couple of years during COVID?  

Well, in the beginning it was a little nerve wracking, but we've found our flow. I don't know if anything is changing in the world outside of Bancroft, but we've climatized to it somewhat. 

What do you enjoy about working at NHH?  

The people I work with. Everybody here is good to work with. It's the best job I've ever had, does it get any better than this? I'm a lifer for sure. 

Patient Flow Coordinator - BGH

What do you do for fun on the weekends?

My husband and I are into curling so we do a lot of curling on the weekends and hiking as well. We just try to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Now that things have opened up, we enjoy going to restaurants on the weekends with some friends.

Which restaurants are your favourites?

Tomasso's in Trenton, the Boathouse in Belleville, and The Gables, which is a lovely restaurant in downtown Brighton. We like The Whistling Duck in Brighton as well.

What's the farthest place away you've travelled to?

I've travelled through Australia and in 1985 I had an opportunity to go to Ethiopia during their famine and work there as a nurse for four months; that was exciting. I got more out of it than I could ever give back in terms of gratitude, it was very eye opening. The contrast in cultures was immense, especially since I came back at Christmas. It was eye opening and upsetting on so many levels. Other than that I also worked in Los Angeles for three years as a nurse.

What do you enjoy about your role at QHC?

I find that patient flow coordination is a perfect fit for me. I've done some community nursing and intensive care nursing as well in my career and this just pulls in everything, plus it's a real touchpoint with patients and their families.

A patient flow coordinator helps with the transition from hospital to home, or sometimes patients have to have their care needs escalated up to a retirement home. It's trying to find the right fit where it's safest and most appropriate for the patient to go, and helping both the family and the patient in this transition. 

Often families don't have anyone to reach out to and take a breath for a minute, it can be very emotional. It's often a transition from where they were at home to finding where they need to go next in their journey, and if I can facilitate that in any way, and make it easier for them, it's very heartwarming for me, so I really do love this. 

How do you like the team on Quinte 5?

My teammates are awesome. I can't say enough about Quinte 5. It's just a really well-oiled machine. Even with staffing shortages, everybody pulls together and works together as a real team, from management on. 

Patient Care Lead for OR and Minor Surgery Clinics - TMH

How long have you worked at TMH?

I've been here 17 years. Before TMH I started on BGH Quinte 6 when it was Med Surg and I was there for three years. I then took the OR course at Hotel Dieu in Kingston and worked in the Belleville OR for about 15 years before coming to Trenton.

What do you like about TMH?

This community is exceptionally supportive of the hospital and the foundation as well. It's been phenomenal. You're able to go to the foundation and say we need this equipment or that instrumentation, and the support is just amazing, which makes us able to do our job better and provide good care to the community. We work hand-in-hand, which is really nice. This is a very supportive community. It's a small hospital, so you get to know a lot of the staff. I think you just have that sense of community and everybody gets to know everybody pretty well. 

What do you do for fun on the weekends? 

I live in Frankford and we moved there a few years ago. We're on the Trent River so summers we enjoy boating and kayaking and that sort of thing. Winters are a little quieter, but I do a lot of crafts like sewing and knitting and stained glass. 

I heard you're retiring relatively soon?

Yes, I'm retiring in June!

Any plans for retirement?

I'd like to travel a little bit, but of course that'll be limited to what's going on with COVID. I like gardening, biking, kayaking, and swimming. I think I'll be able to keep busy enough. It's a good time to retire, I have a lot of friends that are retired too, so it'll be nice to hopefully be able to get together with them. They're sort of shifting as well, they have book clubs through the evenings throughout the week. 

Have you enjoyed working with the team here at TMH?

It's a really good team. Everybody here works together very well. There's a very good sense of teamwork and helping each other out, and generally everybody gets along pretty well.